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Anambas Islands, Visiting Turtle Conservation While Enjoying an Exotic Panorama

Anambas Islands is one of small group of islands in Indonesia and it is situated at Kepulauan Riau Province, close to Natuna Island. Anambas Islands becomes one of tourist destination for those who love to experience new thing, especially watching the egg of turtle or baby turtle crawling toward the water. The beach has beautiful panorama and exotic. Firstly, Anambas Islands becomes a place for refugees from Vietnam in 1957 because of war. Australia, Europe, Indonesia, and USA became the destination. More than 24.000 people came to Indonesia and they lived in Jemaja Island. This island has 21.000 hectare and has direct boarder with Vietnam. Kuku Island is part of Jemaja Island and became a center of concentration. 
When you visit Kuku Island, you will see beautiful sand with high tide of water. If you want to try something different, you can see boats, pasture, pieces of ship, and a monument. It was one of sign that Indonesian welcomed Vietnam’s refugees. But, bad thing happened because there were 18.000 people among them sick and passed away. So, when you come to Kuku Island, you will see graves. This spot become historical tourism because nowadays, grandchild of those who ever came to Anambas Islands would come to visit their ancestors. 

After you feel enough to visit Kuku Island, now you can go to Durai Island. Its island has white sand, blue water, rock cliff and fishes. It is not easy to reach this island because you will not find a pier. You only can take a boat to the coast. You will not find any resident because Durai Island is uninhabited place. Its island is also considered to be a turtle’s habitat with 15 hectares. There, it will be so much easy to find the footprint of turtle along the shore. With slight slope and rich of fishes, turtle could lay eggs easily. Some people who care about conservation collect the eggs. It needs around 44 days to crack the eggs. Then, they will dig the hole to release the baby turtles. 

Just like volunteer, some of residents who live near Anambas Islands will come daily to keep and control turtles around the island. The local government committed to preserve and let the turtle come there to lay eggs. Actually, the southern of Durai Island is focus for turtle conservation, and the western is free for fishermen. After you satisfied with the turtles, you can continue your adventure by swimming in the clear and clean water. The rocks and cliffs will accompany you during water activities. 

Most of tourist who come to this place will love the tranquility and peaceful area. If you want to snorkeling or diving, you are suggested to bring the equipments from outside. For tourism, Anambas islands need more facilities to make visitors able to do many water activities, such as pier, villa, or other infrastructure.
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