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Antap Beach, An Incredible Beach in the Rice Barn of Tabanan

 Antap Beach is one of the beaches situated in Tabanan, Bali. Tabanan is well known as the rice barn of Bali. This is because most of the areas of Tabanan are rice fields. Hence, Tabanan is the main supplier of rice in Bali. When you visit Tabanan, you’ll be amazed of the beauty of this area. The area has natural attractions including beautiful beaches and exotic mountains. Most of people are interested in visiting this beach in Tabanan because of its beautiful black sand. Most beaches have white sand, an therefore the black sand offer an exotic panaroma to the visitors of the beach. 
          Antap Beach is situated in Antap Village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. The location of this beach is about 60 km from Denpasar. It will take about 2 hours by car to the beach. The beach lies not too far away from the main road of Java-Bali. This what makes the beach so popular among tourists.
Visitors who are about to travel around Bali, can stop by the beach first. They can enjoy the black sandy beach and rest for a while. Then, they can continue their trip to travel around Bali. The beach will leave deep impression to you as the beach is unique and different from others in Bali.

Popular Foods
          The typical foods in Antap is seafood. There are various types of seafood offered by many restaurants around the beach. You can enjoy roasted crabs, shrimps, squids and many others. If you decide to stay in the beach, you will not find any difficulties in finding a hotel or resort. You can select a wide range of hotels depending on your budget.
You can select a hotel of about $33.00 per night for cheap budget like Krisna Villas Guest house, or $33.00 per night for mid range like Gajah Mina Beach Resort or $127.00 for expensive one like Ballian Villa. The locations of the hotels are not far from the beach, hence you can enjoy the beach at night and go back to the hotel right away after that. 

What You Can Do in the Beach
          Swimming, snorkeling and diving are among the activities you can do in the beach. However, they are not the only activities you can in the beach. You can also enjoy natural attractions offered by this beach. You can visit Soka Adventure Park after to vary your activities.
The park is not far from the beach, it is only about 700 m to the south. Nature tour will be an incredible adventure. You can try flying fox, atv and mini-trail. Enjoy the activities and see how your adrenalin gets race.   
          For you who love marine tourism, you should never miss this beach. Include the beach in your tourist destinations when you visit Bali. Although the beach is not as famous as Kuta or Sanur, the beauty of this beach is comparable to both of them. Antap Beach is worth visiting whenever you have a holiday plan to Bali.
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