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Arborek Island, an Enchanting Island in West Papua

Arborek Island is one of islands in West Papua that is fast developing as a region for marine conservation. The island which includes Arborek Village has gained popularity for its success of developing the island into the best marine conservation area. The success has been recognized both by the local authority and international community.
      The island has succeeded in managing their conservation area since many parties gave their support. Many parties involved, including national and local government, non-government organization, research centers and local people. They have managed the island into the best conservation area and marine tourism at once. When you visit the island, you’ll see the beautiful scenery, both on the surface and underwater. The village in the island and the ocean life are all fascinating.

          The tourism village of Arborek Island is situated in Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat District, West Papua Province. You can reach this spot from Sorong. Several flights are available to serve you from Jakarta or Makassar to Sorong. You can fly by Express Air, Merpati Airline or Line Air. You can also reach the spot via sea transportation. Several sea transportations are available to serve you as well, such as Gunung Dempo, the Dorolonda, the Labobar, Tatamailau and Sinabung. After you have arrived at Sorong, you can continue your journey by motorboat to Waisai. This is the capital city of Raja Ampat District. From Waisai, you can then go by long boat for about two hours. The long boat will take you to Arborek Village. In this village, you can start to enjoy your lovely vacation and exploration.

          There are many activities you can do in Arborek Island, including diving and snorkeling. If you decide to snorkel and dive, you better take your own equipment since there is no rental facility here. Apart from snorkeling and diving, you can also go fishing along with local fishermen. When the low tide comes, it is the right time to join with them for Barmeti. Barmeti is a kind of local saying for sea-cucumber and other marine creatures hunt. This will be an exciting experience for you. In addition, you can simply walk around the island and enjoy the natural beauty. On your way, you can shop the most popular souvenirs of the island, i.e. a unique hat of Arborek. The hat is shaped like a manta fish. Manta fish is a typical fish of the island. The price of this hat is about Rp180,000 - 290,000 (US$20.00-US$30.00).

          You don’t have to worry about where you have to stay. There are nearest resorts such as the Sorido Bay Resort or the Kri Eco Resort. These resorts are managed by Papua Diving. You can also stay in other resorts such as Misool Eco Resort. This resort is built from salvaged wood making it incredibly unique and attractive. Around the resort, you can find colorful fist and reef in shallow water. Hence, you can see and enjoy them because they are clearly visible from your cottage.
          If you have a plan to visit Raja Ampat, don’t forget to include this island in your travel plan. You will never regret visiting Arborek Island.
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