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Batanta Island, the Virgin Island in Raja Ampat, West Papua

Batanta Island is one of the most fascinating islands in West Papua. The island is like a virgin island because there are still many areas of the island waiting for exploration. The island is blanketed with pristine rainforest. Hence, it is one of the islands in West Papua that is valuable to be explored. The island is not too large. Even, you can see the mountains which are near the coast. You can easily access the mountain from the beach. If you want to explore the entire island, you can even travel by boat. The boat can take you to the inside of the island through the river. The people of Batanta still firmly hold their traditional way of life, including their traditional architecture and their daily life principle.

Batanta Island is situated in the west of Sorong, the mainland city near Raja Ampat. The island is one the four main islands in the archipelago of Raja Ampat.  The area of Batanta is about 453 km² with the highest point reaches 1184 m. You can reach the island by sea transportation. However, reaching the island is quite difficult. This is actually an irony, as in fact, there are many Pelni Ships travelling to Sorong from ternate. The Pelni Ships even sail really close along the southern coast of the island. However, it is hardly difficult to find a boat that is willing to stop by Batanta. There are only a few odd Perintis ships as well as boats stop by. The only easiest way to reach the island is by renting a cheaper boat from Sorong.

As the island is like a virgin island, there are many exciting activities you can do here. Most activities are actually suitable for those who love exploration. Among the activities you can do include, hiking, bird-watching, diving and snorkeling. For hikers, Batanta offers exciting prospects. Recreational hiking is surely unknown here as the area around the mountain has not been developed optimum. However, you can ask local people there to guide you to do bird-watching in the forest. Bird-watching is an interesting activity as you can find various species of birds, including sulphur-crested cockatoos, palm cockatoo and cassowary. For diving and snorkeling, there are many good spots available. Nevertheless, the only place equipped with diving facilities is the only resort in the island. Thus, only guests are welcomed to dive with them

You can stay at Seahorse Paradise Resort when you visit the island. The resort is owned by a Hungarian. It lies in the northeastern coast of Batanta. This is the only resort in Batanta. Although it is the only resort, the facilities here are complete. Visitors will be served with exclusive facilities. The resort provides cruise ships to dive and all facilities to dive for visitors. Apart from the resort, visitors can also stay in bungalows around Batanta. The bungalows cannot be booked online as they are managed by local people.
Travelling to the island will give you the most exciting experience in your life. You will have an unforgettable experience in this incredible Batanta Island.
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