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Bias Tugel Beach with Its Unique and Typical Features

You may never heard of Bias Tugel Beach. The beach is indeed not so popular among tourists. However, the beach is actually very wonderful, and it is worth visiting. The beach lies in an isolated and secluded location. No wonder, there are not many tourists interesting in visiting the beach. The tourists who ever visited the beach give their recommendation to come to the beach. This is because the beach has very clean water and white sand. You can relax in the beach and enjoy the beauty while lying on the white sand.
          Bias Tugel Beach lies in Padang Bai, Karangasem, Bali. It is next to Blue Lagoon Beach. How to reach Padang Bai is not too difficult. You can reach the location from Ngurah Rai International Airport, about 57 km. It will only take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Padang Bai lies in the eastern part of Bali. It is near the port, so you can reach the beach easily. Travellers know the beach as Padang Bai Beach. Hence, the name of Tugel Bias is not too familiar among tourists. You can reach the beach either by taxi or by motorcycle. You can take the taxi or motorcycle to the beach while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the journey.     

Activites You Can Do
          You can do many water activities, just like in other beaches. You can swim, snorkle and surf in the beach. However, the most popular activities is diving. The beach is popular among professional divers. There are many interesting under water places a diver can explore. The places offer the best adventure to divers. You can explore the under water places and enjoy the beautiful fishes swimming around you. However, Bias Tugel is not too popular beach. Hence, it is difficult for you to find a place offering equipment to do sport activities. The only thing you can do is to take a trip for diving in other places near the beach. Take a trip for diving in the beach.

          As previously mentioned, the beach is not too popular. Hence, the beach has not been developed by government. There are not many hotels and resorts around the beach. Also, it is difficult for you to find restaurants. You will only find a few huts, called warung in the beach. The warung offers you the most delicious food though. You can enjoy that will serve you the authentic fish delicacies offered by the warung. Because of the location of the beach, which is isolated and remote, the beach offers peaceful to visitors. You can visit the beach, especially at summer. You can see and enjoy the beauty and the calm water of the beach with your friend and family.
          You should not miss the beach from your travel plan. If you plan to visit Bali, the beach is worth visiting. Try to swim or dive in the beach. Try the foods as well. The delicious fish menu offered by warung cannot be compared to other restaurants. They are unique and typical menu of Bias Tugel Beach. 
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