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Bias Tunggal Beach, An Incredible Beach Worth Visiting in Bali

For some tourists, Bias Tunggal Beach may not be a part of their travel plan. They may think that the beach is not too familiar, and therefore it is not worth visiting. They prefer to visit popular beaches rather than those unfamiliar. Bali has many wonderful beaches. They all have incredible panorama that you may not find in other places. Some of the beaches has been developed into an attractive tourist destination. Others have not been developed yet, including Bias Tunggal. Bias Tunggal actually has an amazing panorama, just like any other beaches. The beach is also known as Kecil Beach. For those who have ever visited the beach will say that it is one of the best beaches in Bali.
          Bias Tunggal Beach is situated near Padang Bai, Karangasem. Although it is near Padang Bai, you cannot reach the beach by car or other vehicles. You have to go on foot to reach the beach. Never imagine that the beach has wide and smooth road. Instead, the track towards the beach, which is about 500 m, is rocky and you must reach the place on foot. The track toward the beach starts from Padang Bai port. Having reached the port by boat, you can then go to the beach. Although it takes efforts to reach the beach, it’s worth trying. Once you have reached the beach, you will see the most beautiful scenery you have never seen in your life. A beach with the most beautiful white and blue color along with the white sand welcomes you. You can see a series of palm trees along the beach as well.

What You Can Do
          This beautiful beach offers you various things to do. You can swim, surf or snorkle. However, you must always be aware if you decide to swim in the beach. The wave is sometimes unfriendly to swimmers. The beach can suddenly go high. It is better for you to swim in the edge of the beach. Don’t swim into the water too far from the edge of the beach. The best thing you can do here is actually sitting down and enjoying the panorama of the beach. Look at the water and feel the breeze. You will find peace and comfort here simply by sitting and lying down on the sand.

          It is very difficult for you to find the hotels to stay right on the beach. The only hotels or bungalows you can find is in Padang Bai. You can stay in one of the hotels offered in Padang Bai, such as Puri Rai. Puri Rai has a reasonable rate per night, only about Rp350.000 or $36.00. Otherwise, you can stay in Topi Inn with the rate of Rp150.000 or $15.00 per night. You can also stay in many cheaper inns, such as Celigi Inn with the most expensive rate of Rp150.000 or $15.00 per night.
          You may not include this beach into your travel plan. However, if you still have time to spend in Bali, you should consider this beach to visit. You will not regret it as the beach is so amazing. Bias Tunggal Beach will become your most favorite beach once you have visited it.  
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