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Canggu Beach, the Best Tourist Destination for Travellers in Bali

Canggu Beach is very popular among tourists. The popularity of the beach is because of three things. They are the surfing activity, the ricefield views and the private villa rentals. Most tourists love surfing in the beach because of the calm but powerful waves. Having surfed, tourists can take a rest by staying in private villas or homestays near the beach. The ricefield views of the beach adds the beauty of the panorama of the beach. With its dark grey and black sand along with the ricefield views, the beach has become one of the most fascinating beaches in Bali.   
Canggu is situated in South Bali, north of Seminyak or south of Tanah Lot. If you are in Seminyak, it will take about 20 minutes driving to Canggu. While, if you are in Tanah Lot, it will take twice longer driving to the beach. The length of the beach is about 8 km, stretching north from Berawa Village, just nort of Seminyak area. Most of the areas along the journey to the beach is rural areas. However, the development in the areas run fast. The location of the beach is quite remote. Almost no taxis are found in the areas. Most tourists drive rental cars or motorcycle. Local tourists prefer to drive their own car. However, if you don’t bring your own car, you can consider to take airport pickup. This is the easiest and the fastest way to the beach.  

Activities You Can Do
          There are many activities you can do in Canggu Beach. One of the most interesting activities is horse riding. You can rent a horse and ride around the beach. You can ride from your private villa towards the beach. Then ride around the beach. This will give you an unforgettable experience. Other activities in the beach include water activities, like swimming or surfing. Canggu is among popular beaches in Bali for surfing. Surfers from all over the world love Canggu as their favorite surfing spot. The weather in Canggu is perfect for surfing, especially at dry season. Dry season in Bali last between April to October. However, the best time to surf is between April to August. You can also do activities other than water activities like biking, hiking or other outdoor sports.        

          You will not find any difficulty in finding hotels or private villas to stay. The hotels ranging from traveller budget to the exclusive one are all available in Canggu. For traveller budget, you can select a hotel like Mia House Canggu for Rp480,000 or US$50.00 per night. For mid-range budget, you can select Legong Keraton Beach Hotel for Rp770,000 or US$80.00 per night. For splurge budget, you can select Hotel Tugu Bali for Rp290,000 or US$300.00 per night. However, if you still consider the hotels above too expensive for your budget, you can select other cheaper lodges, such as Puri Rawa, Canggu Mart Homestay or Serenity Villa. They are very suitable for backpackers.

        Overall, the beach offers a fascinating panorama as well as the best facilities to visitors. You can find all you need when travelling here easily. The accommodations and the foods are all available. Canggu Beach is the best tourist destination you will have ever visited.
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