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Dreamland Beach to Express Freedom and Joy in Bali

When you heard about Dreamland Beach, you will remember Kuta Beach. Dreamland indeed has beauty like Kuta Beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Many tourists never miss the beach to be included in their travel plan when they visit Bali. Dreamland has a luxurious and unique panorama. The beach lies right beneath cliff walls and large rocks. The beach has narrow size. The size and the position of the beach are perfect for travelers to see the sunset. Tourists can simply sit in the beach side and then enjoy the beautiful scenery when sunsets are about to come. 
Dreamland Beach is situated in Pecatu Village, Badung regency. Precisely, the beach lies on the southern island of Bali. You can drive to the beach for about 30 minutes from Kuta. If you are about to visit Pura Uluwatu, you will pass through the beach. On your way to the beach, you’ll be faced with the beauty of the scenery along the beach. Once you have entered the area of the beach, you’ll see rock cliffs and green pasture high above. Tourists and local visitors can enjoy the meadow area in this beach. You will also find whitish brown and clean sand in the beach. The steep gully in the beach is perfect for those who love adventure.

What You Can Do
          Tourists can do various activities in this beach. Apart from water activities, they can enjoy the beautiful sunset and the scenery at day and night. The scenery of the beach is so spectacular that it triggers a romantic nuance to everyone visiting the beach. In addition, visitors can play golf in resorts near the beach. There are many luxurious resorts around the beach which offer golf playing arena, like Pecatu Graha. You can play water fun game as well as golf. However, the most popular activity in the beach is surfing. The wave in the beach is big and powerful that it is perfect for surfing. Many professional surfers come to the beach just to surf. 

Facilities You Can Enjoy
          There are many rental facilities in the beach, like umbrella, clothes changes or water activity equipment. You will also find many clean toilets in this beach. However, the cost for toilet usage is quite expensive even if you just urinate. In addition, there are many villas and resorts in the beach. Most villas and resorts lie on top of the cliff. Thus, whoever stay in the villas and resorts can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach from above. Moreover, Dreamland is the only area in Bali that applies International Laws. Hence, it is more free doing everything here. Tourists can drink alcohol and women can even bare-chested in this area without a need to worry of being prosecuted. 
          You can spend your time in this beach on your holiday. However, the beach is quite crowded. This is because the beach is quite popular and it applies International Laws. Thus, tourists are interested in visiting the beach because of the freedom expression they can do. Dreamland Beach is the dream land for most tourists and local visitors.
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