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Enjoy The Beauty of Batang Pele Island In Raja Ampat, Papua – Indonesia

Raja Ampat is one of region in Indonesia that has huge diversity of marine life. Nobody could deny that Raja Ampat not only an exotic place, but also has underwater beauty. That is why its place well-known out of country. Raja Ampat archipelago has hundreds islands, from small to big, and among them is Batang Pele Island. Actually, Batang Pele is a group of small islands that lies west of Waigeo Island.
In order to get there, it takes around 10 – 15 minutes if you come from the shore of West Waigo Beach at West Irian Jaya Province, Indonesia. So, the first thing you must to do to go to West Waigeo, from Waisai city, you can take public transportation till you arrive at Bianci village. This trip takes around 30 minutes because the route little bit winding. After that, you can hire speed boat to take you to Batang Pele Island.
However, if you are foreign tourist or you are not come from Raja Ampat, you have to go to Sorong City first because this is the only one way to go to Raja Ampat. As we know, Sorong is the first gate to Raja Ampat. After you arrive at fishery port of Sorong (Pier of Sorong), you can hire speed boat or long boat which has bigger capacity for crossing. From Sorong to Waigeo Island, it takes 2 – 3 hours by sea travel.
The price of speed boat is around 3 juta – 5 juta per day, or US$315 – US$525. Or, if you want to save your money, you can ride local boat that sail daily at 14.00 local time. You only need to pay Rp120.000 or US$13 from fishery port of Sorong. From Waigeo Island, you can continue your trip to Waisai City by public transportation to West Waigeo.
When you arrive at Batang Pele Island, you can directly enjoy the panorama of this island. There, you can see islet that lies at the west of Waigeo Island. Batang Pele Island is considered as popular dive site at region West Waigeo. Moreover, you can see several birds that often come to this island. Actually, what make Batang Pele Island attracts tourist is not only because its island, but also because of marine life, which is so rich with unique animals. 

Probably those animals familiar for us, but maybe we never seen some of them. You also can see sea cucumber that has bright color. In this place, it is easy to find crab, sea cucumber, and many more. Local people love to cook crab with simple ingredients. But the taste is good. If you want, you can try to seek crab around the shallow shore and take it for your dinner.
Here are the tips for you who want to enjoy Batang Pele Island. The perfect time to visit Raja Ampat is from November to December. The reason is because the wave of water in those time calmer. That means, it will be easier for you to take underwater pictures. And if you want to try diving or snorkeling, make sure you have complete equipments. If it will become your first experience, it is better if you come with professional for your safety.
One thing you may not forget is applying sun block if you don’t want the sun burns your skin because the weather of Raja Ampat archipelago is hot and even the temperature can go up to 380C at day although when you go to underwater you will not feel it. But still, the sunshine able to go through the surface and make your skin darker. Besides that, do not forget to bring your medicine, especially for mosquito. And the last, you can bring local handmade from Papua. You can buy them at Waisai City.
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