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Fani Island, An Extraordinary Panorama Underwater, Raja Ampat - Indonesia

Known as a big island and lay on easternmost in Indonesia, Papua has many small islands and among them are considered as the outermost and have direct border with other country. One of island you must visit when you get your holiday in Raja Ampat is Fani Island. It is a small island and has a beautiful potential tourism. Fani Island is located at northwest from Papua Island and administratively lies in Ayau district, Raja Ampat regency, West Papua Province, Indonesia. The location is pretty far from Sorong City. Sorong City becomes the first point for your journey if you want to enter to Raja Ampat region.

In order to reach Fani Island, you can use many ways. First, you can go to Waisai in order to enjoy the capital of Raja Ampat and purchase goods, or you can go travel directly to Fani Island by sea lane without stop by in Waisai. If you want to go to Waisai first, you can use local boat that available to take you from Sorong – Waisai daily at 14.00 local time. This is the only one sea voyage, so do not be late to arrive to Sorong Fishery Port. The price is Rp120.000 or US$12. It takes 2 – 3 hours till you arrive at Waisai. From Waisai to Fani Island, you can use motor boat that can be found at the Waisai Pier.  If you decide to go to Fani Island direcly, you can hire motor boat from Sorong Fishery Port and takes 6 hours. You have to pay Rp5 juta – Rp9juta or US$520 – US$935 per day depending to the capacity of motor boat and its power. More higher and faster, it will be more expensive because it consumes more fuel.

After you arrive in Fani Island, you will see the pristine place here. Actually, this is an island without occupants. However, there are still residents comes to build orchard. Yes, in this small island, residents plant coconut trees. Although most of them are fishermen, they are allowed to plant there to increase income. Runtum Village to Fani Island is far and it takes 4 hours. Usually, the resident comes there to visit their orchard for 4 months and come back again to their village. Beside orchard that is owned by residents, you can see post security at border region and several foreign ships which are becomes confiscated goods in Fani Island. The common problem there is illegal fishing and that is why the authority of Indonesia protects this country. 

However, if you want to enjoy natural panorama, this is the perfect place because it has white sand and smooth. Besides that, you will see rowing of coconut tree and this is become one of character of Fani Island to create shady place. Its beach has slight slope and has coral. That is why this island is considered become a beautiful one. About 1 to 15 meters under water, you can see several coral clearly. Besides that, you also can enjoy the beach or diving there to see marine creatures. 

If you want diving or snorkeling, it is better if you bring the equipments yourself because there are no resident there. Plus, do not forget to apply sun-block because the weather can be very hot. By visiting Fani Island, you will experience so many adventures there.
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