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Gunung Payung with Its Exotic Temple in Bali

Gunung Payung Beach has a panoramic beauty making it suitable destination for those who want to relax and find some peace. The beach is surrounded by natural hills. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful hills and the incredible panorama of the beach. The hills along with the beach has presented an exotic beauty. 
Because of its panoramic beauty, tourists are attracted to visit the beach. There have been many publications about the beach. This is why, many travellers, both foreign and domestic, include the beach to their travel plan. Although the beach is not as popular as Kuta or Dreamland, the beach is worth visiting, especially for those who want to find leisure. 
Gunung Payung Beach is situated in Adat Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. The beach is about 30 km south of Denpasar. If you are in Nusa Dua, you only need 15 minutes to reach the beach, while if you are in Ngurah Rai Airport, it will take 20 minutes to the beach. The infrastructure toward the beach is not too bad. Once you have arrived at the beach, you will see an exotic view. You will see a natural beach with its stunning white sand. On top of the hill surrounding the beach, you will see a sacred temple called Gunung Payung Dhang Kahyanga. The temple along with the beach adds the exoticism surrounding the area.

          Many activities, such as surfing, sunbathing, beach hopping or yoga, can be done in the beach. If you want to surf, there are many surfing rental offering snowboard to you. However, the most exciting activity is visiting the temple on top of the hills surrounding the beach. Although it takes some efforts to reach the temple, you will not regret it. To reach the temple, you have to walk through many stairs. The number of the stair is about 450 steps. It surely takes efforts to reach the temple. But once you have reached the temple, you will soon be able to see a magnificent panorama below. You can see the beach which is so wide that it were as if touching the horizon. That is so amazing. 

          The most popular hotel in Gunung Payung is Griya Nolo. You only need to pay for $200.00 per night or about Rp1,900,000. The hotel is very suitable for you and your family or friends. You can enjoy complete facilities, such as swimming pool, shower, bathtub and air conditioner. Try to book at its lower price, namely when you don’t visit the beach at its peak season. The hotel usually cuts 10% of its rate per night at this season. Other than this hotel, you can also stay in Anyer Cottage, Regal Raya Cottage, The Jakarta Anyer or Marbella Hotel, Convention and Spa, Anyer.
          Consider the beach as one of your destinations in your holiday. Enjoy the beautiful beach and play with your friends or children in its beautiful sand. Visit Gunung Payung Beach in your spare time, together with your family or friends.
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