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Jailolo, Visiting One of Best Diving Spot In Halmahera

Jailolo is a name of island in North Maluku Province, Indonesia. Local residents recognize its island as Gilolo for Halmahera Island. You can go to Jailolo Bay 3.5 hours from Jakarta to Ternate. The other alternative flight is through Makasar or Manado to Ternate. From Dufa Dufa Port in Ternate City, you can continue your journey by speed boat to Jailolo Port for 45 minutes and you have to pay IDR50.000 or US$6. You also can take a boat charged IDR27.000 or US$3. Jailolo Bay is one of bays in Indonesia that offers you millions uniqueness and beauty marine life.

The most attractive activities there are mountain biking, snorkeling, diving, and explore angel bird. So, if you join travel agent, you will be invited to dive at diving spot in Tanjung Konde and Floridas. There, your eyes will admire the beautiful coral. The position of Triangle Coral of Jailolo Bay makes its bay become rich of diversity of marine life. Actually, Jailolo is the capital of West Halmahera Regency. Jailolo itself is a small city or it is just like a village. The access to Jailolo is easy. For local tourists, the name of Jailolo still new and only less information about this place. The most perfect time to visit Jailolo is when local government held Jailolo Festival.
As we know, this is one of the best spot to dive and if people combine diving with tradition, tourists will love to come and enjoy their vacation. That is why the Ministry of Tourism plans to develop and support marine tourism because Jailolo is rich of underwater treasure. When Jailolo Festival is held, you probably will see eating fish competition. All participations can be thousands people. You can imagine how crowded it will be. And the price for the winner is IDR10 million or US$1,030. 

There are many motel and guesthouses. But, if you cannot find it, you can ask the resident of Jailolo to stay in for a night. Most of resident provides home-stay and they are so friendly. You don’t need to worry about the facility because although it is only a home-stay, the view of their house is so beautiful. You look like staying in the five stars hotel. After you feel fresh again, you can start your adventure to many diving spots in Jailolo by visiting Loloda. This is one of sub-district in West Halmahera Regency. It will take 3 hours by speedboat. If the wave of water calm, you can enjoy your sea voyage while enjoying the clear water and blue sky. 

Then, you will arrive at Kahatola Waterfall. This is one of waterfall in the middle of sea because it has estuary at the cliff and the water drop onto the ocean. Your journey to Loloda takes 15 minutes more and you will be welcomed by residents. The traditional music and Cakalele dancing can be seen. The beat of music is so fast so that you can enjoy the harmony. There, you will be taken to spot diving called as NHR VI atau Namto Hui Roba VI. Beautiful view of underwater will spoil your adrenaline. You can dive for some time to explore with your group. After that, you can back to Jailolo. 

It is not cheap to come to Jailolo because from Jakarta – Jailolo – Jakarta, you have to prepare deep pocket around IDR4.5 million or US$470, even more. But seem worth it because Jailolo offers you tradition, culinary dishes, and beautiful spot diving. You also will enjoy many traditional dancing, such as Cakalele, Sara Dabi-dabi, and Legu Salai. For culinary dishes, you can enjoy wajik (made from sticky rice), steam rice, and Tou rice. West Halmahera also has many beautiful islands, such as Fastofiri Island, Sidangoli Island and Donrotu Island. Plus, Jailolo has 10 diving spots which are so famous for divers around the world. The underwater view around those islands is beautiful. 

As it is inhabitant islands you have to bring your diving equipment yourself. Or, you can join to Diving Tourism Package when you are in Jailolo. While diving, you will be accompany by hundred fishes that dancing around you. With beautiful coral reef and clear water, you will enjoy the scenery underwater.
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