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Jimbaran Beach, the Most Popular Beach in Bali

Jimbaran Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Jimbaran is famous not only the panoramic beauty but also the safe water. The beach has very fine sand. The color is so white that it looks so stunning when you look at it afar ahead. Children can play the sand to make various things, such as castles or simply read their name on the sand. The water of the sea is so clear and clean. The water is safe for swimming. Your children must really be happy when you take them to play and swim in the beach. Take your children to this beach in their holiday.
          Jimbaran Beach is situated between Kuta and Peninsula Hill. The boudaries of the beach is Nusa Dua in its southeast and Uluwatu in its southwest. Jimbaran is only about 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. You can go to the beach, either by taxi, bus or your own car. If you choose to take a taxi, then you’ll have to pay for about Rp 60,000-80,000 ($6.00-$8.00) depending on your point destination in Jimbaran. If you want to save your money, you better take a bus. Bus services are available for Jimbaran destination. If you are in Legian or Seminyak, it will take 29 minutes toward the beach.

          There are many things you can do in Jimbaran Beach. You should plan carefully so that you can arrive at the beach at aroudn 5 pm. At this time, you still have time to sit down on the edge of the beach, or take a seat in one of the restaurants on the beach. While having your meals or drink, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. You’ll the most fascinating panorama on the beach. You can also come to the beach earlier. By arriving earlier, you can go shop some fish in a traditional market near the beach. The market provides various types of fish. Other than these activities, you can do water activities, such as surfing, snorkeling or swimming. Swimming is the most popular activity here since it is one of the safest beaches in Bali.   

          Visiting Jimbaran Beach means that you don’t have to worry about where you have to stay. There are a lot of option of hotels or resorts you can select. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the hotels around the beach that you prefer. For example, Villa Batu provides travellers with shallow pocket. You only need to pay for Rp250,000 ($26.00) per night. For mid-range travellers, there are also many options of hotels, such as MaxGramper houses. You only need to pay for Rp300,000 ($32.00) per night. For splurge, you can stay in Ayana Resort and Spa for  Rp2,900,000 (US$300.00) per night.
          Jimbaran must always be included in travel plan of most tourists. This is because the beach has been very popular throught the world. Tourists love the beach for its beauty and the safe water. Visit Jimbaran Beach, and see with your own eyes the beautiful panorama.
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