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Kasongan, the Center of Pottery Products in Yogyakarta

Known as the famous tourism spot in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is also the right place if you are looking for pottery products. In one of its village named Kasongan, you can find lots of local stuffs with interesting prices. There, you can easily find souvenirs, home appliances, and furniture made of wood, ceramics, and clay. Although you can easily find these things in the city, the chance of exploring this place is certainly shouldn’t be skipped. Moreover, it is now also known as a tourism village so it can be part of your holiday schedule.
The main reason why you should visit Kasongan is because it is very close to Yogyakarta. It is located in Bantul Regency and it only takes you half an hour to get there if you ride a car. So, you do not have to worry that it will take much of your time and energy. Moreover, to enter the place you don’t have to pay because everything is free of charge. Of course, you have to prepare some money because local products are very tempting and mostly are in very reasonable price.

As to what you can enjoy there, the first thing is you can see the crafts people making pottery made of ceramics and clay. In addition, you can also see the process of them making wooden furniture which is also very interesting. Because it’s a tourism village, the people there are very nice and talkative so you can ask them about anything and they will be pleased to answer all your questions. After seeing the process, another thing that you certainly will want to do is buying the products. If you love traditional stuffs from Yogyakarta, you’ll be very excited to see the variety of products offered by local people. They all come in various shape, size, and material and the coolest thing is you can bargain. Even, if you buy their products in a large quantity, they will likely to give you bonuses and it’s a great deal.

The products that you can expect to find there are mostly jugs, wall hangings, table decorations, and vases. All of these come in unique shapes and different sizes. Also, you can find souvenirs such as becak or temple miniatures, human-like statues, ashtrays, and hand-fan.  What makes it special is of course the price is relatively cheaper than when you buy them in the city. If you want to buy furniture, this also the perfect place for you. The shapes of the furniture are exclusive and you will hardly find them elsewhere. It’s because in Kasongan, all the craftsmen are liberated to create their own products so the output of their production can really be charming and distinct.

Sure, you might think that you can easily find shops like these in Yogyakarta. However, if you’re expecting a good deal and the chance to interact with local people, you should definitely go to Kasongan. It is guaranteed that you will feel satisfied with your shopping experience in this tourism village.
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