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Lengkuas Island, Favorite Destination to Enjoy Granite Rock in Belitung

Lengkuas Island is favorite destination in Kepulauan Bangka Belitung Province, Indonesia nowadays. This is one of island among hundreds islands that surround Belitung Island. This is really a fantastic island for you who love to do marine tourism. The main attraction in the island is an old lighthouse built by Dutch colonial government in 1882. The good thing is the lighthouse still work to guide traffic of ship that through or in and out of Belitung Island.

Actually, Lengkuas Island is situated northern of Tanjung Kelayang Beach at Sijuk sub-district, Belitung Regency. The panorama in the island is so beautiful featured by lot of granite stones, white sand and clear water. The shallow water enables you to peep what underwater clearly. With the depth 1.2 meter you can see fishes swimming around you.
To reach the island, it takes around 20 minutes by boat from Tanjung Kelayang or Tanjung Binga. From the seaside of Belitung to Lengkuas Island will take 30 – 45 minutes. The boat can be boarded by 30 – 40 passengers. You have to pay IDR350.000 or US$36. But, if you hire with your friends, the price will be cheaper. The best time to visit Lengkuas is from March to November. 

During those times, the wave of water tends to calm so that you can enjoy your journey by boat. Or, you can snorkel and swimming in the clear water. When you come from December – January, you probably will face the rain all day long and the wave of water is high. Facilities in Lengkuas Island are complete, such as toilet, parking place, food stall with drinking water, or even souvenir stall. 

This lighthouse has 12 floors and 50 meters heights. All visitors are free to come up but it little bit tough and you will need extra energy. But, your effort worth it because from above you will be able to see beautiful views, 3600 around the island. Do not forget to bring your camera because you will regret losing this panorama. 

Actually, there are only 3 persons who live in Lengkuas Island and they work as operator of lighthouse. They are so friendly to visitors. After you satisfied to see wonderful scenery from above, then you can come down to relax and feel the atmosphere of beach. The wind blows so fresh and you can sun-bathing or just sitting on the white sandy there. 

Between Lengkuas Island and fishery pier in the Tanjung Binga, there is an island named Burung Island. Along your journey to Lengkuas Island, you will through its island which is has wider size, white sandy on southern side and granite rocks on northern side. Usually, visitors would stop there for a while during their trip home from Lengkuas to Tanjung Binga. The main attraction is granite rock that has shape resembles to a bird, and that is why people recognize this island as Burung Island.

Actually, there is no guesthouse or motel in Lengkuas Island. If you want to spend your time longer, you can look guesthouse around Tanjung Kelayang. You have to take a boat for 20 minutes. But, if you want to feel something challenging, you can build a camp there. Just prepare your equipments first before you come. First of all, you need to ask permission to the lighthouse officer.
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