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Mentawai Islands, the Most Beautiful Isolated Islands in West Sumatra

Mentawai Islands are one of the most isolated islands in West Sumatra, Indonesia. They are underdeveloped islands. When visiting this island, you will not easily find any modern buildings such as skyscraper buildings, beautiful houses, shopping malls, theme parks, and many more. The islands are remote, and therefore it is difficult to come in and out of the islands. Mentawai people rarely keep in touch with the outside world because of the remote position. 
The islands are still surrounded by tropical rainforest and wild jungle. The wild nature, however, create a panoramic beauty to the islands. Especially, the relationship among the people and the forests are very strong. The people treasure the forests very much. No wonder, a strong spiritual bound among create harmony.  
Mentawai Islands are situated at the West coast of Sumatra. The islands comprise for municipalities. They are Sipora, Siberut, South Pagai and North Pagai. To reach the islands, you can fly by Sebaung Merauke Air. The airplane flies from Padang to the islands. It takes about 30 minutes flying from Padang. You can book first when you are about to fly to the islands. Other than airplane, you can go to the island by ferry. The ferry also departs from Padang. However, the ferry can’t operate any time. The departure depends on weather conditions. At the moment you arrive on the islands, you will see white coral beaches and thick rainforests. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the islands.  

 There are many activities you can do in Mentawai Islands. The first one is surely surfing. There are many surfing spots you can try here. Surfing can be done throughout the year. This is because the water is perfect, the barrels are incredible and not too crowded. Another activity you can do is trekking. When doing this activity, you’ll see a magnificent jungle landscape. You can also try to paddle pirogues, i.e. traditional boats used by local people. Most travellers also love learning ancient traditions of the local people. They tend to absorb in the culture, such as seeing a shaman cure illness of a patient. Other interesting activities that most travellers do are snorkeling and diving. Ecotourism is also a popular activity here. Travellers can see rare primates and natural rainforest.  

If you decide to spend the night on the islands, you can choose to stay in Muara Siberut. Most travellers like to stay in the local people’s house. They sleep on the floor together with the family in which they stay. The rate for payment definitely depends on the negotiation. It is difficult to find a restaurant, hence, it is recommended that you bring enough food. However, if you don’t like staying in one of the local people’s house, you can stay in luxurious resorts, such as Mentawai Resorts or Siloinak resorts. Otherwise, you can simply set a tent around the villages.  
Mentawai is an archipelago which has so many interesting cultures. The local tradition makes the island so attractive and therefore, it is not a waste visiting the beautiful Mentawai Islands.
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