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Raja Ampat Dive Resort with Its Amazing Fish Species and Coral Reefs in West Papua

Raja Ampat Dive Resort is well known, not only among local tourists but also foreign tourists from around the world. The resort becomes one of the best tourist objects in West Papua. The resort is well known for its natural beauty and the best accommodations offered to visitors. The area of the resort has massive coral colonies. 
The coral colonies are knows as the best survival of threats and disease. The region has the most amazing coral reef biodiversity and variety of underwater species. Divers who dive in this resort will have the best experience while exploring the underwater life. As the resort is aimed as a marine tourism, you can imagine how beautiful the underwater life is since the resort is well-maintained and well-serviced.   
          Raja Ampat Dive Resort is situated on Wansai Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat. Precisely, the resort lies in the northwestern tip of West Papua, Indonesia. The area comprises more than 9.8 million acres of land. Most tourists visiting this resort usually pass through Sorong via Jakarta or Singapore by plane. This is the easiest way for them. While, domestic tourists can fly via Manado or Makassar. From Singapore to Manado, tourists can fly by Silk Air, and from Manado to Sorong by Merpati and Lion Air. You can check the latest flight available in a local Indonesian travel agent. Today, there have been many flights to Sorong from Jakarta. Many airlines offer flights to Sorong such as Lion Wings, Merpati and Express Air. You surely have to transit in Makassar and/or Manado when flying to Sorong.

          As this is a marine tourist object, you can do various water activities, especially snorkeling and scuba diving. However, the most popular activity is scuba diving. You can rent diving equipment available in the resort. When diving, you will see more than 3,000 species of fishes and 300 species of corals. For one diving tour, you will explore the underwater life for about one and a half hour. There are many diving spots you can explore, such as Waisai Bay, Sardone Reef, Waigeo, Mansuar Island, Manta Point and many more. Apart from scuba diving, you can do bird watching activity. There are many bird species living in this area, from sulfur-crested cockatoo, huge sea eagles, large flightless cassowary and Eclectus parrots to Paradise rubra. 

          Raja Empat Dive Resort offers the best service to its visitors. Visitors can enjoy comfortable bed rooms equipped with fan and air condition. In addition, hot and cold shower are available for visitors. Verandah and balcony faces a fantastic view of the natural beauty of Raja Ampat. Also, the resort has open air and indoor restaurants with complete menu. Moreover, the resort has a long jetty offering comfort for visitors. 
          Once you have visited the resort and explored the beautiful underwater life, you must want to go back to this wonderful tourist object. One is never enough. You must to visit the resort for the second time. Raja Empat Dive Resort is the most amazing tourist object you should visit.
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