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Raja4Divers Resort, a New Resort with Incredible Service and Complete Facilities in West Papua

Raja4Divers Resort is a new resort in Raja Ampat. It started to build on October 2010 and was officially opened on June 2011. The resort is built under the team management of Swiss. The resort has panoramic view. It was calm and faces the beach. Along the beach, there are palm trees growing incredibly. At dusk, you will see sunset on the west in front of the bungalows of the resort. The resort has seven bungalows, all face the beach. With a few bungalows, the resort offers the best service to its visitors. This is one of the most exclusive resort in Raja Ampat. Visitors can enjoy the best service and a convenient bungalow in this resort.
Raja4Divers Resort is situated in Pef Island. Precisely, it is located right in the middle of Raja Ampat, West Papua Province. West Papua Province is the most eastern province of Indonesia, while Pef Island lies about 109 km from Sorong. The area has a natural beauty. Forests and seas offer a spectacular view to its visitors. Pef Island also has many unexplored forests, caves, lagoons and beaches. There are many exotics species living in these unexplored areas. Birds and mangroves are among its specific species. These unexplored areas are waiting for the government to explore. What makes the entire area of Pef Island incredible is its underwater life. The variety of species, ranging from fish to coral reefs, has become a magnificent view of its underwater. 

            Just like many other resorts in Raja Ampat, Raja4Divers Resort also offers interesting water activities. The most popular activity is surely scuba diving. There is a well-managed dive center built in this resort. The dive center offers rental equipment for scuba diving as well as a library from marine references guide. Apart from scuba diving, visitors can also snorkel in this resort. If you are not confident snorkeling and diving alone, you can ask for a guide service to guide you during your water activities. In addition, natural tourism is offered by the resort. You can go hiking, kayaking, climbing, walking, sunbathing, swimming and many more. Tourists also love doing bird watching in this resort. All of these nature activities will relax and freshen your mind.

            You can stay in one of the bungalows offered by this resort. The resort is spacious and built with Papuan Style. The bungalows were built on stilts on the water, according to the designs of traditional Papuan house. Also, local materials were used for the bungalows. All of the bungalows were built facing the beach. They surely have its magnificent view. Thus, no matter which one the bungalow you select is, you will have an incredible panorama. Moreover, the restaurants were built to serve the guests with delicious menu, both western and local menu. Even, you can gather together with other visitors from around the world to enjoy the dishes.
            Knowing the facilities and the service of the resort, you will never regret visiting the resort. Even, you will never want to go home and enjoy the beautiful Raja4Divers Resort forever.
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