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Serangan Beach, a Small Beautiful Island in Bali

Serangan Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali because it has a beautiful panorama, just like any other beaches in Bali. The access to the beach is so easy, and that is why, tourists coming to the beach is getting increased day by day. Tourists come from various countries, such as Australia and other countries in Europe, as well as domestic tourist. 
Serangan was used to be a small island that was formed from sand sediment. The sand sediment today has become a beautiful beach. The government built a bridge connecting the island with other places outside the beach. Because of the bridge, the island along with the beach has attracted many visitors to come. 
Serangan Beach is situated in Serangan Island, Serangan Village, Suwung Kangin, Bali. The beach is not too far from Denpasar. You will only need about 25 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport toward the beach. Tourists will not find any difficulty to reach the beach. There are many taxis or motorcycles they can rent to go to the beach. Although the beach lies in a small island, it’s easy for you to access it since the governmennt had built a strong concrete beach to facilitate those who want to cross to the island. All types of vehicles can cross the bridge, and reach the island easily. The beach lies next to many other tourist objects such as Segara, Sanur, Sari and Sindhu Beaches.

The main activity you can do in Serangan Beach is surfing. Surfing has become many tourist’s favorite activities in the beach. Even, Serangan becomes one of the best surfing spots in Bali. The wave in the beach is big and powerful making it suitable for intermediate up to professional surfers. Surfers usually surf in this beach on September to January. These months are the best month for them to surf. Apart from surfing, you can also visit the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC). The conservation was built to hatch turtles as well as protect and treat injured turtles brought by fishermen. You can see and learn how a turtle is bred. Children will love visiting this conservation for turtles. You can ask them to enjoy the cute and unique animals to be bred.

For travellers, finding a hotel near Serangan Beach will not be difficult. Many developers have built resorts as well as hotels and villas specifically for tourits to stay. You can select one of the hotels you prefer. The best choice is those near the beach, so that you can enjoy the breeze of the beach when the night comes. Among the best hotels you can select are Pakir Bungalow which is right in front of the beach, Ubud Hanging Gardens Orient-Express which lies 5.2 km from the beach with 432 AUD and up per night and Como Shambhala Estate which lies 7 km from the beach with 443 AUD and up per night.
All the hotels offer the best service. Hence, don’t worry about the accommodation when you come to Serangan Beach.
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