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Siberut Island, the Largest Island in Mentawai Archipelago

Siberut Island is the largest island in Mentawai archipelago. The total area of the island is 4.030 km sq. The terrain of Siberut is mostly low, only about 1,260 feet (384 m) in the western portion. The rainfall is quite heavy, thus the climate is humid and warm. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The coastline is marshy and low. Many mangrove trees grow well here. 
There are also palm trees in its inland savannah. Agriculture develops fast, and it has potential products such as sugar, tobacco, sweet potatoes, sago, cassava, peas, pepper, pineapple and mango. While, the animal husbandry sector also develops well. The livestock includes cattle and buffaloes. Also, the industry sector is varied, ranging from copra, wood carving, coir production, basketry and weaving.

Siberut Island is situated in Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra Province. Precisely, it is about 155 kilometers of West Sumatra coast and across the Mentawaian strait. The administrative region is divided into two districts, i.e. North and South Siberut. The entire area of the island is so fascinating that you will want to stay longer when you are in this island. The island has beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Also, the jungles are incredible with its unique wildlife and plants. The beautiful spots, either in the beaches and the jungles, offer you most interesting activities. You can do various activities in this large and unique island.

The most interesting activity you can do in Siberut Island is jungle adventure. You can freely explored the thick forests in this island. You can also visit a cave which lies in Central Siberut or waterfalls in the southern or northern parts of the island. You can even do a research while exploring the wild nature here. The island has interesting wildlife. Even, it has four endemic primates, i.e. Simakobu (Simias concolor), Bilou (Hylobates klossi), Joja (Presbytis potenziani) and Bokoi (Macaca pagensis). Observe the primates and see how beautiful creatures they are. Apart from jungle adventure, you can simply walk along the coast. Enjoy the beautiful white sand beach and see the beautiful panoramic view of the sea.       

When you arrive at Siberut Island, you will see that most of the area is surrounded by thick forests and remote. You will simply think that it will be difficult to find a place to stay. If you need to spend the night in the island, you can stay in one of the local people’s house. Ask your guide to help you negotiate the rate for the home-stay in which you sleep. 
You will also find it difficult to look for restaurants here. Hence, the best thing you can do is to bring enough food supply. When you do jungle adventure or other activity which needs more energy, you will not need to worry when you have enough food. However, if you have enough budget, you can stay in an inn or a more luxurious hotel such as Sirrahudin Hotel. It is better for you to ask for your guide to arrange your accommodations.    

Although Siberut is a remote area, a lot of travelers interest in visiting the island. This is because Siberut Island offers an incredible panoramic view to travelers.

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