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Sipora Island, the Most Fascinating Island in Mentawai Archipelago

Sipora Island is the smallest island in West Sumatra. The area of the island covers 845 sq km. About 10-15% of the area is pristine rainforest. The island has developed rapidly over the past few years. The development of this island has made it the most attractive tourist destinations in the Mentawai Archipelago. It has beautiful surfing spots. The waves in the sea are perfect for surfing activities. Most people of Sipora are fishermen or farmers. The livelihoods of the island relate mostly to agriculture and fishery sectors. The people work with nature, and therefore the people and the nature live in balance and harmony.  
Sipora Island is situated in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. You can reach the island by plane. Sipora has a small airport, thus it is suitable only for charter flights. You can fly to th island through Minangkabau International Airport. You can rent a plane to go to the island. Various rental planes are available such as Tiger Air or Smac. The rental planes serve you flights to Tua Pejat, Sipora. Other than planes, you can reach the island by speedboat. To be more easily to reach the island, you can use travel services such as Sumber Rezeki Baru, Mentawai Express, and Beriloga. These travel services are from Padang. If you choose to go by boat, you need to buy a ticket for Rp85,000 ($9.00), while by ferry Rp67,000 ($7.00).

In Sipora Island, you can do various marine activities, such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. The island has beautiful surfing spots, perfect for professional surfers. Professional surfers will eager to jump right in the sea water and ride on their surfing board. The best surfing spot lies in Dusun Katiet. It is at the southern tip of Sipora Island. The waves of the sea are calm but powerful, ranging from 3 to 4 m in heights. This perfect wave allows them to ride on their surfing board in excitement. Especially, the area around the beach is well-maintained and clean. This becomes watersport attractions for either children and families. Apart from marine activities, you can simply enjoy the beautiful sunset in the edge of the beach. Gather with your families when the sun is about to set in the west. You’ll see the most beautiful panorama that you will never find in other places.  

When you visit the island, it is easy for you to find private homes which open for rental. The private homes are called homestays in Tua Pejat. Another option is liveboards that you can rent at Padang. Otherwise, you can choose to stay at the resorts available in this island. Among the resorts you can select include Hollow Trees Resort, Kingfisher Bay Resort, Aloita Surf Resort or Surfing Retreat Resort Nusa Togat. They offer you the best service of accommodations. You will feel comfortable staying at these resorts as they have complete facilities. You can have the most delicious menu as well when staying in these resorts.  
Sipora offers you the most unforgettable experience. When visiting the island, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the island. Thus, include Sipora Island in your travel plan.
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