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Visit Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Nowadays, Komodo Island becomes one of popular natural site in Indonesia. This site discovered by western scientist on 1910. They called as dragon. This is a cannibal animal and resemble to dragon with thick skin, scaly, and having red tongue that always sticking out. Now, there are approximately 2.500 ‘dragon’ that eat meat and lives at Komodo National Park. This park lies at West Manggarai, NTT, Indonesia. There area around 1.100 komodo lives in Rinca Island dan 1.300 Komodo Island. The rate from Jakarta – Denpasar – Labuhan Bajo is around Rp3 million or US$312.
Labuhan Bajo is the gate to enter to Komodo National Park. Your plane will land from Denpasar or Kupang at Komodo airport. Then, you have to cross the sea to go to Komodo Island or Rinca Island from Labuan Bajo Pier. At this pier, you will see all big ship, small or middle size that will go to Komodo Island. Even, there are luxury ships with different symbol and flag from around the world are permitted to come there freely.
August is the busiest time because it is the time for holiday. In this pier, you can negotiate with the owner of ship if you plan to hire speed boat or motor boat. Around 20 motor boats available every morning and most of them have been booking by buyer. So, you have to come earlier. Now is the time to determinate your place? Rinca Island or Komodo Island.
Firstly, Rinca Island. If you want to go there, it takes 2 hours by boat from Labuan Bajo. In this island, there is Loh Buaya Pier. In this pier, small boats can go there. There is one bungalow, canteen and toilet. Commonly, tourist chooses Rinca Island to see komodo because it is closer than Komodo Island, and this is a terrain so you will see more komodo. Secondly, Komodo Island. This island can be reached around 4 hours by boat or 1.5 hours by speed boat.
Komodo Island has Loh Liang Pier. The wave and current of water to go to this island is high, even can be 4 meters, especially on January to March. There is a guesthouse and the rate per night is Rp400.000 or US$40. But, commonly tourist prefers to stay in the boat or ship because there are kitchen and toilet inside.
Ideally, this area need mass transportation in order to attract more tourists to see komodo. In order to get to those islands, there is no public sea transportation. The only way you can do is by hiring boat from Labuan Bajo Pier. The price for small boat with 8 passengers to Rinca Island is around Rp600.000 or US$60 and US$80 to Komodo Island.
If you choose bigger boat with kitchen and toilet for 10 passengers, you have to pay Rp1 million or US$97 per day to go and back to Rinca Island. If you want faster, you can hire speed boat with 8 passengers and you have to pay from Rp3 millions to Rp5 million or US$312 or US$520.
Since Labuhan Bajo Pier exists till Komodo National Park, you will see foreign tourists. Actually, there is cheaper trip to Komodo Island which is combined between land and sea trip, but it takes longer. You will face challenging field and exhausted. But, still tourist takes this way. From Senggigi Beach at Lombok, you can go there in a group around 20 persons by hire a boat to Komodo National Park Rp2 million or US$210 or US$10.5 per person. This trip is started from Lombok Island and takes 3 days 2 nights. You will have fun by taking this way.

Admission for tourist from Indonesia, international and local resident are different. Rp75.000 for domestic tourist, US$15 for international tourist, and Rp10.000 for local resident or student. After you pay the ticket, ranger will guide you to go uphill. He always have a wood stick which is has letter ‘Y’. This stick will be used if there are komodo attack you suddenly. After you arrive to Komodo Island, you will see so many komodo with big tail that can be used to smack down horses, buffaloes, or deer.
Komodo has 4 big legs, sharp 26 teeth, red forked tongue, strong and big jaw, and komodo able to swallow variety of animal only in one motion. This animal also can seek his prey from long distance because komodo has sensitive nose and deadly bites from the poisonous bacteria in saliva to paralyze its prey. After bite the prey, komodo will follow it because the prey will die slowly. Mean, komodo will get the party.

Tips to visit Komodo National Park
  • You have to wear soft colors clothes in order not to attract the komodo.
  • You have to keep silent.
  • If you get menstruation, do not come to this place because komodo has very sensitive nose.
  • Bring your drinking water because the weather can be hot.
  • Apply your sun-block and comfortable shoes for trekking.
  • Last but not least, do not go too far from ranger.
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