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Weh Island : The Perfect Place To Spend Your Holiday In Aceh

Weh Island with Sabang as the capital lies at the west of Sumatra Islands and have wonderful panorama. The island covers 156.3 km and surrounded by mountains and beaches. Anyone who visits this island will adore it. The island has direct boarder to Hindia Ocean and the sea around it has lot marine nature. That is why local government preserves the existence of the marine life. Special thing you can enjoy besides natural scenery is food stalls that sell coffee. Coffee from Aceh is so famous around the world because it has good aroma. You only need to pay IDR3.000 or US$0.3 per glass. So, when you come there, don’t forget to drink it.
To reach Sabang, you can go with speed boat and it takes 45 minutes. The speed boat is available twice a day, Pulo Rondo and Bahari Express boat at 08.00 and 16.00 local time. For those who want to bring the vehicles, such as a car or motorcycle, they can take slow boat and it will take around 3 hours. The Bahari Express boat provides you two classes, economic class and business class. The business class is completed by air conditioner, but the economic class uses natural ventilation. Or, you can go from Ulee Iheue Port in Banda Aceh to Balohan Sabang Port by ferry. It will take 1 hour. After you arrive at Balohan Sabang Port, you can take a taxi. In Sabang, you cannot find any public transportation. That is why most of travelers rent a car or motorcycle. 

Waiting sunset or spending your time at your balcony room is thing you can do when you visit Weh Island. The wave of water is higher at evening. So, if you are not too familiar to the beach you better keep distance of water. You can snorkel there if you love to. There are many operators provide you snorkeling and diving equipment. So, you don’t have to worry about it. Actually, Weh Island is also has many favorite diving spots in Indonesia. And the marine life there is so beautiful because it has incredible diversity of water. You can see colorful coral reefs and fishes swim around you. The atmosphere of beach becomes more crowded at weekend and holiday

When you come to Weh Island, you can stay overnight at hotel. There is Sumur Tiga which is can be reached around 15 minutes from Sabang City. The concept of the hotel is natural because it uses woods and the wall is made from bamboo. Every room is completed by big ventilation to maximize the current of air into the room. The room doesn’t have air conditioner but it has beautiful panorama outside. You still can enjoy the music or wave water at night. 
Actually there are two types of hotel, standard room and cottage. Standard room is completed by queen bed, fan, and mosquitoes net. Besides the cottage are completed by queen bed, mosquitoes net, fan, dispenser, bathroom with bath up, balcony and hammock. It is a perfect place to relax. This hotel also has a restaurant to provide you local dishes, fried rice, fried noodle or seafood. There is Casenemo near its motel and Sabang Hills Hotel which is located at Sultan Islandar Muda Street, Sabang City, Aceh Province.
The price ranging from IDR500,000 to IDR1,000,000 per night or US$50 – US$100 per night for exclusive class. There, you can enjoy the view from the hill with calm and fresh air. The blue water of the beach mixed by red color gradation of sky will give spoil your eyes. That means the time for swimming is over. After that, you can enjoy your dinner in the restaurant.

When you come to Weh Island, you can go to Tugu Nol Kilometer or Zero Kilometer Monument which is situated around 8 km west of Iboih. Your holiday will be more complete when you visit Weh Island.
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