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Banua Wuhu, an Extreme Diving Spot At Mahengetang, Sulawesi Utara

Banua Wuhu is one of place in North Sulawesi that nominated to be a weird diving spot. The panorama around this spot is so extreme because it is surrounded by volcano undersea. However, the real divers will be challenged to explore many diving spots. The uniqueness of its spot makes divers curious and wants to conquer it. The crater spot of Banua Wuhu is marked by bubbles among the rocks with depth 8 meters.
The average temperature is ranging from 370C – 380C. That is why divers have to be careful to its bubbles. If you are careless, the hot bubbles can burn your skin and cause wounds. In this place, divers also will be able to hear the rumbling of volcano. Actually Mahengetang is one of undersea volcano with the peak named as Banua Wuhu. Its peak has elevates around 400 meters from the base of sea and 6 meters from the surface of water.
According to the story, the volcano is group of many islands during 19 – 20 century, one has 90 meters height at 1835 but gone many years later. At 1904, it has 5 craters and the other new island that formed at 1919 gone at 1935. Besides having volcano undersea, Mahengetang also has beautiful underwater life. When you dive at 10 – 20 meters depth, you can find marine life closer. Plus, you can see carpet of tight coral reefs. With those panoramas, it is not surprise if Mahengetang underwater become tourist destination in North Sulawesi, especially foreign tourists. 

Banua Wuhu is located at Mahengetang Island and around Sangihe Archipelago, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is easy to reach it from the shore because the distance is only 300 meters from southwest of Mahengetang Island. Its volcano has its underwater beauty and divers love to explore it. From Tahuna (the capital of Sangihe Regency), you can take common boat and it will take around 4 hours. However, if you want faster trip, you can take speedboat to Mahengetang which is only take 1 hour. If you come from Manado, you can take speedboat and it takes 5 hours.

The main activity you can do when you visit Banua Wuhu is diving. At evening, the tide of water is higher and the current is stronger. Morning is the perfect time to dive because the current is calmer. When you explore the topography of Banua Wuhu, you will see if there are hills, valleys, and stack of big rocks. The marine life also attractive because you can enjoy the group of tight coral reefs. Some people said that there is alley undersea which is can emerge two directions.
When you come to Banua Wuhu at the end of January, you can find local people organize Tulude Ceremony. Two weeks before the ritual, the leader of tribe will dive while bringing a white plate of gold into its alley as offering so that the spirit of Banua Wuhu won’t angry. Around the volcano, you will find some holes releasing hot water. It is a sign that the shallow volcano still active. You must avoid its spot for your safety. The rock around this place has brown color caused by sulfur with white spots. Hence, Banua Wuhu becomes an extreme spot diving in North Sulawesi.
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