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Batu Bolong Temple, A Sacred Temple in Senggigi Beach, Lombok

When you visit Senggigi Beach, you will not miss Batu Bolong Temple. This is because the temple is not too far from the beach. Indeed, it is located in Senggigi Beach. Batu Bolong is one of the Hindus temple in Lombok Island. It is famous, and most Hindu people come to Batu Bolong at Purnama, Kuningan, Galungan or Odalan Ceremony. At Purnama, Hindu people celebrate the full moon. Hence, when you visit Senggigi at full moon, you can enjoy the ceremony as well. 
Enjoying the ceremony will become an interesting activity.You may wonder why the temple is called Pura Bolong. Bolong means a hollow. In fact, the temple has a hollow in the stone located in the black coral of the temple. The hollow stone makes the temple look stunning, especially it lies near the middle of the sea. This is a unique view of the island and the sea. 
Batu Bolong temple is located on the rocks near Senggigi Beach. It is only about 12 km from Mataram. You can go to the temple, either by car or by public transportation. The temple is a sacred temple. You can feel the nuance of the sacred or supranatural around the temple. The temple is used as a worship place of Hindu people. Many Hindu people often worship in this temple. You must behave yourself when visiting the temple. Don’t do anything forbidden when visiting the temple, such as making a noise or laugh out loud.  

          Batu Bolong temple is located exactly at Senggigi Beach. Hence, you can do activities in the beach and the temple at once. You can do your favorite activities in the beach, such as swimming, diving, snorkeling or surfing. After tired of doing the water activities, you can take a rest on the beach. Then, you can do sightseeing and visit the temple. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the beach from the temple. You can take pictures in the sacred temple as well. The scenery of the temple is so incredible that it is great for pictures background. Take pictures as many as possible, and you can enjoy the results of the photo at any time.

          There is a popular cottage around Batu Bolong temple, i.e. Batu Bolong Cottage. The cottage is a luxury two stars hotel and cottage in Senggigi. The cottage offers various facilities to visitors such as air conditioned rooms, hot & cold shower, refrigerator, balconies, television & telephone, queen size beds and room service. As the cottage lies near Senggigi, you can see directly the panorama of both the Senggigi Beach and the temple right from your balcony. This is surely a good place to stay. You can enjoy the beautiful panorama around your cottage. The rate for the cottage ranges from Rp430,000 to Rp770,000 (US$45.00 to Rp80.00).
          Visiting the temple will mean a lot to you as you can learn Hindu’s religion along with its ceremonial. Thus, it is better for you to plan your visit in Senggigi at the full moon. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach along with the ceremony of the Hindu people in Batu Bolong temple.
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