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Blue Magic, the Most Beautiful Dive Spot in Raja Ampat

Blue Magic. This is one of the most popular dive spots in Raja Ampat, Papua Province, Indonesia. The spot is so popular because of its lots of pelagic action. There are many species of fish found in this spot, such as tunas, grey reef sharks, barracudas manta rays, and jack-fish. These various kinds of fishes are what make the dive spot so popular. The spot is also included in the region of coral triangle or named as segitiga koral in Bahasa. 
An area which is included in coral triangle means that the area has a variety of biodiversity. The variety of biodiversity in this dive spot has even attracted many scientists to do their research here. That is why the government also established the region as a natural preservation. Almost all of the species here are protected. Hence, you should be careful for not disturbing the species here, especially the coral reefs and the fish.   
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Blue Magic is situated in the south of Mios Kon, Raja Ampat, West Papua, about 20 minutes from Kri by boat. To reach the dive spot, you can also pass through Waisai. It takes about 30 minutes by speedboat from Waisai. However, if you are about to go to the island from Sorong, you need to rent a speed boat or long boat which can hold more passengers. It takes about 3 hours from Sorong to Blue Magic. The rental cost for this speed boat or long boat ranges from Rp3,000,000 to 5,000,000 ($313.00 to 520.00) per day. Once you have arrived at the dive spot, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama, especially its underwater life.    

As this is a dive spot, the activities you can do here is diving and snorkeling. When you dive or snorkel you will see the most beautiful scenery of underwater life. The diversity of its fish and coral reef species will make you amaze. You will find beautiful reefs. The reefs are home of various species of schooling fish, including 2cm hippocampus denise pygmy seahorses. You can also find 2 m long of tawney nurse shark, Wobbegong sharks or Epaulette shark. In addition, you can also find barracudas and green turtles. These beautiful creatures are so incredible that you must want to dive over and over just to enjoy their life. The sea water is crystal clear and clean, it’s safe for diving and snorkeling activities.  

When you visit Blue Magic, you don’t have to worry about where you must stay. You can find many resorts or hotels around Raja Ampat, such as Raja Ampat Dive Resort. You can also stay in one of the villagers houses around the island. The only thing that you should remember is that you bring adequate and safe equipment for diving or snorkeling. As this is a marine tourism, you must concern about the equipment. You should also remember that many species here are protected. You must keep the protected species in mind, so that you will not get any trouble. You must also bring medicines and all first-aid, such as quinine pills to protect you from mosquitoes causing malaria.
Diving in this dive spot will give you the most memorable moment in your life. Hence, ask your family and friends to spend holiday in this beautiful Blue Magic dive spot.
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