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Borobodur Temple, a Magnificent of Masterpiece in Central Java

Borobudur is a famous Buddhist temple in Central Java and it is one of the World Wonder Heritages because of its distinctive and unique construction. The temple was built during the 9th century, and it is still occupied as Buddhist place of worship and the attendants are both from Indonesia and overseas. The construction was under the power of Old Mataram’s King named  Samaratungga from Wangsa Syailendra, and it took a hundred year to finish. Borobudur itself means a monastery built in a high place, and the word is derived from the term Budhara which means a mountain with many terraces.
The location of Borobudur Temple is in Magelang, Central Java. It is not very far from Yogyakarta, but to reach the place you better rent a car as going there by taxi can be very pricey. If you’re not sure about the location, you can also hire a driver along with the car. The admission price of the temple is thirty thousand rupiahs (about 3.5 dollars) for local tourist and a hundred and thirty thousand rupiahs (about 13.5 dollars) for foreigners.
Borobudur Temple was designed by Gunadharma upon a request of King Samaratungga. Although at the time the technology was not advanced yet, Gunadharma could use interlock system in the construction. The templewas shaped like punden berundak and in the past the height was 42metres. However, after the renovation the height is only 34.5metres. It is a ten-story building divided into three parts; the lower six stories are in square shape, the three stories above are in circle shape, and the top story is in the shape of Buddha stupa heading to the west. 
Because it is a Buddhist temple, the construction was based on Buddhist belief called Mandala and the division mentioned is according to it. Mandala is about the universe cosmology and according to it the world is divided into three levels: the world of lust or Kamadhatu, the world with shape or Rupadhatu, and the world without shape or Arupadhatu. Because of this Buddhist teaching, the temple is highly philosophical.
On the body of the temple, you will see reliefs that illustrate the story of Ramayana. However, if you want to see the story in order, you have to go around the temple clockwise. There is also a relief that illustrate the life of people at the time of the temple construction. The amount of the reliefs are said to be 2672 panel and if we stretch them out, the length is 6kilometres.
The material to make Borobudur Temple is andesite stone and the amount of the stone used are fifty-five thousand meter cubic. The construction was without cement yet the building is sturdy because the use of interlock technique as mentioned. The drainage system of the temple is really good because of it has a hundred water sprays that resemble the head of Kala giant or Makara which are put on every side of the building.
Vesak is an annual ceremony and Borobudur Temple is always full with thousand of Buddhist people during the time. The ceremony is held every full moon in the month of May or Purnama Sidhi. The ceremony is to celebrate three crucial events in Buddhism, they are: the born of Siddhartha Gautama, the revelation received by him in Bodhgaya which then turned him into Buddha, and the death of him in Kusinara.
Before the ceremony is held, the preparation is made few days ahead. The most crucial one is the holy water withdrawal in Jumprit, Temanggung. After that, the water is poured into ten bottles and seventy water jugs and then kept in Mendut Temple near Borobudur. It is done because the Buddhists believe that water has a function to flow goodness to the world. The day after, Vesak torch is lightened and the fire is taken from Mrapen eternal flame. For them, fire symbolizes the light. There is also one other Vesak ritual called pindatta. It’s the time when Buddhist monks obtain sacrificed foods from Buddhist people and put them into bowls. This ritual is done to symbolize the monks’ way of living that is to respect all gifts and to be humble in life.
On the Vesak day, the monks and Buddhists gather in Mendut Temple to then start walking to Borobudur Temple. This takes up to three hours and all the ceremonial attributes like holy water, torch, and many more are also brought. In the temple, the giant statue of Buddha is set on the center and candles, flowers, and incense are put in front of it. The atmosphere during the ceremony is very sacred and devoted. Although the ceremony is for Buddhist people, many tourists are also excited with it as the scenery of Borobudur Temple is very pretty with many candles in it.
Besides sightseeing, another thing that you can do in Borobudur Temple is riding an elephant. With it, you can see the beautiful scenery of the villages near the temple. Moreover, you will also experience a challenging journey as it takes courage to ride an elephant. However, you don’t have to worry that the elephant will get out of hand as the tamer will be near us to ensure our safety.
After you are done enjoying the beauty of the temple and exploring the places nearby, don’t forget to buy souvenirs to be the everlasting memory that you can take with you. In there, you will find many souvenirs sellers with very reasonable prices. The souvenirs range from ten thousand rupiahs (about a dollar) to a hundred thousand rupiahs (about ten thousand dollars). In short, you should go visit Borobudur and see the magical scenery yourself.
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