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Diving Spots at Bunaken Offering You Challenging Adventure

Diving spots at Bunaken is one of the largest wonderful diving sites in the world. The total area of the diving spots is more than 75,000 hectares in the deep waters of Sulawesi Sea. The diving spots consist of five main islands, i.e. Siladen, Nain, Bunaken, Montehage and Manado Tua. Bunaken is popular for its panoramic view, not only its underwater life but also its surrounding nature. 
It is home of beautiful coral reefs and various species of fish and other sea creatures. From the depth of 3 meters, divers can see more than 1,300 species of fish and other sea creatures. The various species will give you challenging adventure and diving experience. There are some favorite diving spots in the area of Bunaken. The following are among them.
Lekuan I and II, Bunaken Island
          Lekuan I and II are one of the diving spots at Bunaken located in the southern part of Bunaken Island. These diving spots at Bunaken Island are so amazing that divers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of schools of fish and other sea creatures like coral, sponges and turtles. The schools of fish like pyramid butterflyfishes, bannerfishes, fusiliers and damselfishes swims so close to divers as if they could touch them. There are many other species found in these diving spots such as doublebar goatfish, clown triggerfish, bluefaced angelfish,  trumpetfish, pink anemonefish and whitespotted boxfish. Hard corals, black corals, nudibranchs, giant barrel sponges, gorgonians and giant clams can also be found in these diving spots.  

Manado Tua
          Manado Tua diving spot is situated in the southern and western part of Bunaken Island. The diving spot consists of vertical walls containing various species like lobsters, fishes, giant gorgonians and whip corals. Other species are also found, such as groupers, large emperors, dogtooth tuna, giant trevally, white-tip reef sharks, barracudas, turtles and red snappers. You can even find a more extreme species such as whale-sharks and manta rays. Hence, when you dive in this diving spot, you will get a valuable experience. Especially, the current in this spot is calm, making your diving activity safe but challenging.   

Sachiko’s Point
          This diving spot is situated in the eastern part of Bunaken Island. It is one of the most beautiful diving spots in Bunaken Island. It offers superb wall diving and excellent snorkeling because of its beautiful panoramic view. This diving spot also has various species, including butterfly-fishes, wrasses, parrot-fishes, surgeon-fishes and anemone-fishes. Other unique creatures are also found in this diving spot such as white or black-tip reef sharks, turtles and stingrays. When diving, you can take a video of these species of fish and unique creatures. The video will become some kind of reminder of your challenging adventure when you dive in this beautiful diving spot.    
          There are many others of diving spots at Bunaken you can explore such as Popo Betlehem, Carlos Point, Tanjung Kelapa, Critter Circus, Celah-Celah, Mandolin, Muka Kampung, Mike’s Point and Aluang Banua. If you hesitate about which diving spot you should try, you can ask a guide to help you lead your dive. He or she will show you which diving spot with the best view. In fact, all diving spots at Bunaken are fascinating.
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