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Doberai Eco Resort, A Private Resort in Urai Island, Raja Ampat

Doberai Eco Resort is the only resort in Raja Ampat which is purely owned and operated by an Indonesian private company. The company is also developing another new resort in other islands of Raja Ampat. The existence of this resort is beneficial to local people. This is because the resort always involves the local people in its operation. From the development to the operation of the resort, local people are always involved. 
Hence, economically and socially, the resort has positively affects the entire life of the indigenous people. Doberai is an attractive beach. It has white sand and dozens of typical flora and fauna of Raja Ampat. When you visit the resort, you will see the most fantastic view of the resort.
Doberai Eco Resort is situated in the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua Province of Indonesia. Precisely, the resort lies in Raja Ampat, an archipelago which comprises more than 1,500 islands. There are four main islands in Raja Ampat, i.e. Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. To access Raja Ampat, you need a lot of efforts. This is especially for you who come from a faraway place like Jakarta. From Jakarta, you need 6 hours flight to arrive at Sorong. From Sorong, you need to take a boat to reach the resort. Doberai Resort lies in an exclusive private island, namely Urai. The island takes 20 minutes from the capital city of Raja Ampat District, Waisai.  When you visit the resort, you’ll be served exclusively, and the island will be yours.

When you come to the resort, you will have many activities you can do, including bird- watching, kayaking, trekking, photographic hunting, cultural heritages sightseeing, snorkeling, diving and many more. The island where the resort lies has a natural beauty. There are many interesting spots you can visit, and you can take pictures of the beautiful spots. 
You can also see and enjoy the cultural heritages of local people there, including the prehistoric cave paintings from the era of Four Kings (Raja Ampat) who used to rule the region. Birds watching can also be an interesting activity as there are many local birds living in this island including parrots, cockatoo, hornbill and ribboned birds of paradise.  
Kayaking is another exciting activity as you can explore the beautiful island thoroughly.  For those who are their honeymoon, visiting the island is the best option. As this is a private island, you can spend your honeymoon without interruption and you can enjoy your time together with your partner.

You can previously book before coming to the resort. A package of 5 nights is available for Rp14,500,000 (US$ 1,510.00) per person. The package includes diving and snorkeling tour, transportation, accommodations, full exploration of Raja Ampat Archipelago, meals and snacks and T-shirt of Doberai Eco Resort. For reservation, you can contact the resort at +62 21 36825434 or email
By visiting this resort, you can explore the beautiful island with your friends, family or partner. Exploring the island will give you a valuable experience that you will never forget in your life. Doberai Eco Resort is the best resort in Raja Ampat.
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