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Dodola Island, the Virgin Island in Morotai, North Maluku

Dodola Island is a real paradise. The beauty of the beach is very tempting. It is not surprise because the island becomes an icon of Morotai which is surrounded by huge white sand to connect Big Dodola Island and Small Dodola Island. The fine sand looks like flour and that is why local residents love to visit it. The echo of island is also more spreading nowadays.  The trail that connects Big and Small Dodola Island is white sand. You can use the trail only if the tide of water low around 10.30 – 17.30 local time.
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The sand stretches and creates outline pattern which is look so amazing. The outlines made by wind and wave of water. It will take 5 minutes to walk from Big Dodola to Small Dodola. You will see coral reefs and seaweed when the tide low, but you will see two islands when the tide high and it looks like a strait. Probably you will surprise knowing that Dodola Island is a reason why tourists visit Morotai. The panorama and its view are so fantastic. You can explore all of the edge of island.

Dodola Island is located at Morotai Archipelago Regency, North Maluku Indonesia. You can take a flight from Jakarta to Ternate for 3.5 hours and transit in Manado for 30 minutes. When you arrived at Babullah Airport Ternate, you can start your journey to explore the city. Usually, the sea transportation to Morotai is at 19.00 local times by KM. Geovanie. When you choose a business class, you can rest because there are 2 beds and fan in a room. You will have to pay IDR250.000 per room or US$26. Within the ship, you will go toward Daruba Port for 12 hours. You also can take traditional boat named as ketinting to Dodola Island and you have to pay IDR50,000 or US$5 one way.
If you come from Tobelo, there is a ship which is available 3 times a week from Daruba to Morotai. If you want faster transportation, you can hire a speedboat from Daruba Port which is take around 20 minutes. Local government is trying to provide 2 units of speedboat to connect Daruba City to Dodola. Although the island can be reached only by sea transportation, but the facilities are complete, such as speedboat and jet-ski.
Previously, you have to pay IDR1,000,000 or US$103 to hire a speedboat. But now, you only need to pay US$50,000 or US$5.2 one way from Daruba to Dodola. The government has made a floating pier near Daruba Port. Next, local government will serve other small islands as tourist destinations in Morotai, i.e. Ngele-ngele island, Kolorai Island, Galo-galo island and Zumzum Island in order to be more recognized by tourists.

When you come to Dodola Island, you can do many activities and mostly has relation to water sport, such as fishing, swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling, jet-ski, or just laying on fine sand. As an exotic island, most of visitor prefers to come as a backpacker because they can explore and doing activities as much as they want. But, the most popular activity you can do in Dodola Island is snorkeling. With turquoise water, the beach will invite you to swim. You will be free to do water activities because this is a virgin island and quite calm. Only fishermen come and drop by to rest after sailing.

As you arrive at Dodola Island, you don’t need to worry about where you have to stay because there are many hotels and cottages. You can stay overnight at Ayu Guesthouses. The price ranging from IDR150,000 or US$15.5 per night. Small Dodola Island has no home-stay but the big one has wood pier and kind of villa. By spending your time in the island, you will have more chance to adore the nature.
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