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Karma Kandara Beach, Unpopular Beach with Incredible Panorama in Bali

Karma Kandara Beach may not be familiar for tourists. There have not been many publication about the beach. In fact, the beach is so beautiful that it is comparable to many other beaches in Bali, such as Sanur or Jimbaran. The sea water in the beach is crystal clear with blue-green color. The sand is soft white and clean. The beach has many fascinating features, such as a resort with complete facilities, i.e. Nammos Beach Club. The resort lies right above the beach, and this is why the beach is sometimes called Nammos Beach. Visitors of the resort can enjoy the beautiful scenery and go to the beach using an inclinator.
          Karma Kandara Beach lies in a hidden place in Bali. To reach the place, it takes many efforts. You can go to the beach through Kuta and Uluwatu. The road that connects Kuta and Uluwatu becomes the hint in which you have to get off. From this point, you should take a small road which will lead you to small and calm villade. Follow the road until you find the entrance to Karma Kandara or Nammos Beach. This entrance will guide you to the beach. The beach lies below the cliff where Nammos Beach Club lies. From the cliff, you can go down to the beach. Access to the beach is quite difficult. The first option is that you can take the stairs to go down the cliff. Otherwise, you can take an inclinator that fits for only about 5 people.   

        Karma Kandara is designed for those who are looking for a leisure atmosphere. The beach is suitable for pleasure and relaxation. This is because the beach is quiet and peace. There are only a few tourits visiting the beach. The reason is because the track toward the beach is quite difficult. Most tourits will only love sitting in the resort above the beach. They prefer to enjoy the beach from far above. However, many water activities can also be done here. You can swim, surf, snorkle or sunbath. The water is safe to do water activities. Otherwise, you can do yoga, meditation or have body massages.

          When you visit the beach, you don’t have to worry about where you have to spend the night. There is a resort built above the beach, i.e. Karma Kandara Resort. The resort has a magnificent view because it lies right above the beach. The resort has complete facilities. The resort is completed with restaurant, i.e. Mare restaurant, Karma Spa and Wellness and a rooftop bar. Moreover, the resort provides an inclinator that server the guests when they want to get down to the beach. To enjoy this luxurious service, you need to prepare budget of around Rp10,750,000 to Rp77,000,000 ($1,120.00 to $8,000.00).
          Karma Kandara offers a unique panorama of a beach that you will not find in other places. You can enjoy the panorama, the facilities of the resort and the adventure when you get down to the beach at once. Karma Kandara Beach is the best place to spend your holiday.
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