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Kayangan Island, Visiting an Exotic Island near Makassar City

Kayangan Island is an island with round shape and the location is near to Makassar City. The pier to Kayangan is situated at Ujungpandang Street, precisely in front of Rotterdam Fortress. The beauty of the island can be seen by visitors from the boat. For local resident, Kayangan Island becomes one of place to spend their holiday because the location closes to the city. The beach has white sand and the panorama of the island is so beautiful and exotic. Initially, Kayangan Island was known as Meraux or Marrouw Island. It is a small and coral island because it only has long two hectares.
Administratively, Kayangan Island is located at Bulo Gading Village, Ujung Pandang, Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The location is only 0.8 km from Makassar, and not too far from Soekarno-Hatta Makassar Port. It can be reached by visitors only 15 minutes by riding a boat. You have to pay IDR30,000 two ways, or US$3.1. The boat is available per 30 minutes. The gate is opened at 08.00 – 14.00 daily, but it will be opened until 22.00 p.m. 

Kayangan Island has complete facilities, such as resort, guesthouses, entertainment stage, restaurant, playground, sport arena, and fishing spot. In the other part of island, you can see many aquariums to keep variety of fishes. But, the most attractive activity in the island is swimming. Some travelers who curious seeing wonderful sunset, they will stay there and wait it while doing water activities.
One of favorite place to stay for the travelers is in resort. However, the cost to stay overnight at Kayangan is around IDR100,000 – IDR300,000 or US$11 – US$34. If you want to stay in Makassar City, you can stay at Hotel Coklat (IDR340,000), Grand Meza (IDR420,000), Pantai Gapura (IDR475,000), Singgasana Hotel (IDR530,000), Horison Makassar (IDR475,000), and Mercure Makassar (IDR485,000).

Kayangan Island offers you beautiful and exotic scenery. Even, you can start enjoying the island since you are in the boat. From the distance, Kayangan looks so small and it is surrounded by white sands. The blue water and some shallow water in many parts of island give incredible gradation. As you arrive at Kayangan Island, you can start you journey by walking along the coastline. You can walk without sandals to feel the soft of sand. When you come at the day, the temperature will be so hot. But, you don’t have to worry because there are so many trees along the beach. Under the tree, you can relax and watch other visitors spending their vacation in the island.
If you want to stay overnight in Kayangan Island, you can reserve a room first. As we know, the popularity of the island has been spreading and on vacation time, the visitors can be come from around the world. Enjoying sunset while sipping your drinking can be done from the beach. The color of the sun will change gradually and it will look so amazing. When you feel hungry, you can go straightly to the restaurant, which is look like a pier. The restaurant offers you an incredible view and menus. Makassar City can be seen by all travelers from Kayangan Island. The security in the island is very strict. The police stand by for 24 hours to assure visitor that Kayangan is a secure place.
When you look at the west side, you can see group of small islands. They look so beautiful in the middle of the sea. And when you look at to the east side, you will see big ships from distance. At night, the light of lamps looks like fireflies. Kayangan Island offers you many things, and you will not regret to visit it.
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