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Kuta Beach, the Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in Lombok

Kuta Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lombok. This is one of the main tourist attractions of Lombok Island. The beach is so beautiful, with blue water and white sand, making it like a real painting of a stunning panoramic view. Kuta is also known as Pepper Coast. According to the people, the beach got the name because of the sand. 
The color of the sand is yellow white like grains of pepper. The fine sand makes visitors feel comfortable when sitting or lying on the beach. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the breeze. When you feel distressed because of your daily activity, relieve is by visiting this beautiful beach.
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          Kuta Beach is situated in Kuta Village, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. It is about 70 km from Mataram to the beach. You will have to drive for about an hour from Mataram to the beach. The beach is actually not too far from Mataram. However, it takes hard work to reach it. You must drive along narrow winding roads towards the beach. Once you have arrived at the beach, all your hard work is paid off. The beach is so incredible that you will never find in other places in Indonesia.
The government has developed this tourism potential, and built good infrastructure towards the beach. Even you can easily reach the beach from everywhere. Recently, the government has built Lombok International Airport, located in South West of Praya, South Central Lombok. The new airport serves flights from various cities of Indonesia. Both local and international flights are served by this airport. From the airport, Kuta is only about 20 to 30 minutes by taxi. You only need to pay for Rp 40,000 to Rp 45,000 ($4.00 to $4.50).

          When you come to Kuta Beach, you can do many activities. But, surfing is the most popular activity in the beach. There are many surfing spots in Kuta, such as Air Guling, Seger Reef, and Gerupuk. You can also do fishing. The beach has many types of fish. Hence, fishing will become an exciting activity. Other activities include diving, snorkeling and swimming. In the beach, there are guides who will help you do these activities if you never do them before. Otherwise, you can simply sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset. Moment of sunset becomes beautiful scenery in the beach that you will never want to miss.  

          When you visit Kuta Beach, you will have many options for hotels you will stay. You will have various options, ranging from budget and medium to splurge ones. For example, Anda Bungalows & Restaurant is a budget hotel with the rate of  Rp 100,000 to Rp 150,000 ($10.00 to $15.00), while Kuta Inda Hotel is a medium range with the rate of Rp250,000 ($25.00) and Novotel Lombok is the splurge range with the rate of about Rp2,100,000 (US$210.00).
          With these various options of hotel, you don’t have to worry about where you have to spend the night. Kuta Beach is the right place for your travel destinations on your holiday.
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