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Mansuar Island, the Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in Raja Ampat

Mansuar Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Raja Ampat. Mansuar is surrounded by incredible coral reefs. The coastline of the island is white fine sand. It’s clear and clean. The sea water is crystal clear. It is dominated by blue, green and white color. The colors that appear are caused by the coral reefs living on its seabed.
The villages built in this island are dominated with traditional houses. The panorama around the villages is also beautiful. You can find various local plants and animals, such as birds of Paradise. Hence, when you visit the island, you will not only enjoy the beauty of the sea but also the entire panorama of the villages. 
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          Mansuar Island is situated in Raja Ampat, West Papua Indonesia. Its geographical position is 0° 35' (0.5833°) Southern Latitude and 130° 36' (130.6°) Eastern Longitude. The average elevation of the island is 112 m (367 feet). To reach Mansuar from Waisai, you can go by speed boat. Along the journey, you can enjoy groups of fish accompany you on your way. The crystal clear of the sea water allows you to see the underwater life up to the depth of 10 m. It takes about 30 minutes from Waisai to Mansuar. There are two islands of Mansuar. One is the big one and the other is the small one. The small Mansuar is also known as Kri Island, named after Kri Eco Resort built on the island. 

          Most tourists coming to the island never miss the diving activity. Diving is the most interesting activity to do as the island is rich of species of fish and coral reefs. The water is warm and clear, making it safe to dive. The best diving spot that a diver usually visits is Dempier Strait. There are also many cleaning points or diving spots apart from Dempier. These spots are specifically visited to see Manta Ray. Raja Ampat is known for its Manta Ray species. Manta Ray is one species of fish with unique shape, like a large bird flying with its wings. The fish is not dangerous and it is what makes Mansuar become more attractive. 

          There are some resorts built on the island. One of them is Papua Diving. Papua Diving is a beautiful resort built by Maximillian J. Ammer of Netherland. The walls and roofs of the resort are made of woven palm leaves. The rate for one night is about Rp900,000 ($93.75). You will also have to pay for Rp360,000 ($37.50) for diving and snorkeling. With such rate, you will be able to spend your holiday more fun and satisfying. You can do snorkeling and diving as often as you want depending on how long you will stay. The service, the meals and the beverages are all satisfying as well. 
          Hence, include this island in your travel plan when you visit Raja Ampat. All tourist destinations in Raja are beautiful. You will have to spend several days to be able to explore all the destinations. However, Mansuar Island should be your primary destination when you visit Raja Ampat.
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