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Morotai Island, Enjoying Many Diving Spots and Historical Remnants in North Maluku

Morotai is one of the outmost islands in Indonesia and the beauty of its island is so popular for local residents. As an island that adjacent to Pacific Ocean and Philippine, Morotai was used as base defense by Japanese soldier during World War II. After that, the island took over by Allied Force and was used as runway to attack Philippine and East Borneo. But, before that happened, the island was belong to Sultanate of Ternate during 15 – 16 century. 
Therefore, the island keeps so many ruins of history, such as caves, runway and armor. One of famous cave is Nakamura which was became a hiding place by Japanese Soldier after Morotai Island took over by Allied Force. Nakamura itself was taken by the name of Japanese soldier and he known hidden there for 30 years.
Morotai is located at Halmahera Archipelago, North Maluku Indonesia. You can reach it from Ternate by sea transportation, plane and land transportation. However, combination between sea and land transportation are the most common. From Ternate, you can take a ferry or speedboat to Sofifi City in Halmahera Island. Then, you can continue to Tobelo City in North Halmahera by public transportation. The next travel is from Tobelo to Morotai by speedboat or ferry. By ferry, you will have to pay IDR50,000 or US$5,2 for 12 hours. The only one air transportation is Express Air which is serve route from Ternate – Morotai 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
Recently, local government is planning to build runway to serve international visitors from and to Morotai Airport, especially route from Tokyo – Morotai – Bali once a week. The local government wants to boost investment to build facilities of tourism in Morotai. When you have arrived at Morotai, you will see if the transportation is dominated by bentor or motor pedicab. If you plan to stroll around the island, the cheaper way is by taking bentor. Apart of public transportation, the sea transportation which is common in the island is speedboat. You can hire a speedboat to visit many closer islands, such as Zumzum, Kolorai, and Dodola Island.

When you come to Morotai Island, you can do many activities. First of all is marine tourism. The island is surrounded by group of small islands. Visitors will adore and enjoy the beauty of underwater marine life because it is rich of many coral reefs and species of fishes. The other thing you can do is diving. You can choose many diving spots around the island, such as Saminyamau, Tanjung Sabatai Point, Dodola Point, Tanjung Wayabula, and Batu layar Point. With clear water and carpet of beautiful corals, you will enjoy an amazing panorama. One of favorite diving spot is shipwreck. In this spot, you can easily to dive around the wreck from World War II.
Morotai Island also has many remnants of Allied Force during World War II. They kept the island as base because the position of its island was strategic to attack the enemies. The popular figure that left footprint in Morotai was General Douglas MacArthur from USA and you will see his statue at Zumzum Island.

Day by day, visitors to Morotai Island are increasing, both foreign and local tourists. When you come to the island, you don’t need to worry about hotels or guesthouse because there are many places you can stay, such as Pacific Inn that is located at the center of city. The prices are ranging from IDR250,000 or US$25. And if you want to get cheaper, you can choose cottage.
As a marine place, the most menus you will find in Morotai Island are seafood. You can taste fried fish and fresh lobster. And for the souvenir, you can buy handmade, like accessories and jewels, such as bracelet, ring, and necklace. Additionally, if you come to Morotai Island, don’t miss to visit Dodola Island. This is one of popular and beautiful island because you can enjoy fine sand and clear water. Besides Tanjung Sopi Beach well known because it has high wave which is one of the best in the world.
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