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Nain Island, An Island with Challenging Adventure in Bunaken Marine Park Site

Nain Island is one of the islands in the site of Bunaken Marine Park. Just like any other islands such as Siladen, Mantehage, Manado Tua and Bunaken, the island has an amazing panorama. It is not only the panorama which attracts tourists to visit the island but also its biodiversity. You can find various species of fish and sea creatures in the island. 
The island has incredible topography of both the sea and the land. Hence, when you visit the island, it’s not only marine activities you can do but also activities on land. You will have an exciting experience when visiting the island, especially when your best friends or family accompany your travel to the island.
          Nain Island is located off the northeastern coast of Montehage Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The most northern island in the Bunaken Marine Park Site is Montehage. Hence, Nain is near the northern part of the Bunaken Marine Park Site. To reach the island, you can start from Manado. From wherever you are, you can fly to Manado first. Then you can travel by boat or charter a private boat to Nain Island. You better prepare yourself when visiting the island. You should prepare equipment to do your activity and enough food. The island is not as popular as Bunaken or Siladen. Thus, it is quite more difficult to find comfortable accommodations in this island.

          When you come to Nain Island, you can do marine activities. The most interesting marine activity is diving. The current of the sea in this island is very strong. While, the average depth of the sea is 30 m and the maximum depth is 80 m. Such depth and current are suitable for professional divers. If you are an amateur diver, you should not dive alone. You should take a guide with you. Ask him or her to lead your diving activity. While diving, you can record the beautiful fish and other creatures swimming around you. There are some prominent species such as barracudas or groupers. If you are lucky, you can find more unique species like hammerheads and jack fish. They are lovely species. Record the fish when they swim or line in its schools. The record will become the most amazing video from your marine adventure in this island.

          It is better for you to plan your accommodations first before you go to Nain Island. The island doesn’t have facilities as complete as popular islands like Bunaken or Siladen. Hence, you can plan to stay in one of the islands. Otherwise, you can stay in one of the local people’s houses in the island. Many local people provide home-stays for visitors who spend their night in this island. You can enjoy comfortable lodges provided by the local people. You can even interact with them and get more knowledge about the custom and traditional culture of the local people.
          Visiting Nain Island offers you a challenging adventure as the island is not as popular as other islands. It doesn’t have complete facilities like Bunaken or Siladen. However, your journey will not be wasted as the island has the same beauty as those two islands. 
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