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Nyang Nyang Island, the Best Surfing Spot in Mentawai

Nyang Nyang Island is one of the most popular islands in Mentawai. The island is not only popular in Indonesia, but also in around the world. The popularity of the island has spread around the world. The island is popular for the surfing spots. For surfers, the island is like heaven on earth. The waves in this island are the best, after Hawaii and Tahiti. 
The island is also popular for its panoramic beauty. It is very exotic that most surfers will want to stay longer in this island once they have finished riding their surfing boards. The panorama has captivated many tourists who have come for surfing. The beaches of this island have white sand with green trees and ranges of palm trees.
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          To reach Nyang Nyang Island, you can go from Siberut Mouth by boat. The distance to travel from Siberut is about 21 mile. You need to pay for the rental boat of about Rp400,000 to Rp500,000 ($42.00 to $52.00) for one trip. It takes about 1 hour from Siberut to the island. If you choose to go by large boat, it will take about 2 hours. By large boat, you need to pay for Rp600,000 to Rp800,000 ($63.00 to for 83.00).  A large boat can hold maximum 8 passengers. Hence, to minimize your budget, you can ask your friends to join the trip. The island is quite crowded at holiday seasons. When the holiday comes, many local people of Mentawai sell various souvenirs, such as t-shirt, unique carved objects or typical clothes of Mentawai. You can shop the souvenirs when visiting the island.  

          Nyang Nyang Island is popular as the best surfing spot in Mentawai Archipelago. The waves are perfect for surfing activity, especially on June to August. The height of the waves reach 4 meters. Several waves occur in this island, including nifusi, beng beng, bank vaults, pit stop and Ebay. The naming of the waves is according to the first surfer who succeeded in conquering the waves. The various waves attract many tourists to visit Nyang Nyang. The clean and natural beaches also support the island to be the best surfing spot. Apart from surfing, visitors can also explore the island. Exploring the island can be interesting activities. You can observe the way of life of the local people, as well as the culture. In the evening, you can enjoy beautiful sunset in the beach. 

          You can stay in home-stays rented by the local people when visiting Nyang Nyang Island. The home-stays are made of wood with traditional design. You will feel comfortable staying in the home-stays. Especially, the rate is not too expensive. You can even negotiate to suit your budget. However, you can also choose to stay in a resort available in the island, i.e. Pitstop Hill Mentawai. The resort has complete facilities, such as a good restaurant and comfortable rooms with air conditioner.
          Nyang Nyang can be developed into the best surfing spot in Mentawai. The island has become more and more popular. Hence, the government needs to pay more attention for the development of Nyang Nyang Island.
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