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Nusa Lembongan Beach, an Exotic Beach in Bali

Nusa Lembongan Beach is one of the exotic beaches in Bali. The beauty of this beach can be comparable to many other beaches like Kuta or Sanur. It has mangrove forest along its coastline. The mangrove provides beautiful scenery to visitors. The sand of the beach is white, and the waves are calm but powerful. 
When you visit the beach, you can feel the breeze of the sea wind. It is calm and refreshing. You can relax and forget all your busy schedule. Relieve your stress by enjoying the beautiful scenery of the beach. The blue sea water and the white sand are an amazing scenery. Just sit down in the beach, and you will be able to refresh your mind.
          Nusa Lembongan Beach is situated about 12 km off the coast of Sanur. Although the beach is not as popular as Sanur, many visitors pass by this beautiful beach, and they sometimes specifically visit the beach. They visit the beach because it is easily accessed. Also, this is a good alternative beach to visit other than Sanur or Kuta. The beach is not too crowded. It is clean and peaceful. You can reach the beach by car or taxi from the airport. Or if you are in Sanur, you can go by motorcycle. You can rent the motorcycle to go around the beach. The beach is unlike Kuta, has fewer visitors. So, you can do all activities peacefully, including sunbathing or having massages.

          There are many activities you can do in Nusa Lembongan Beach. You can dive, snorkel or surf in this calm beach. There are many excellent surfing points in Lembongan. The surfing points include laceractions, shipwreck and playground.  Laceractions mean the wave breaks onto the reefs, while some unlucky surfers can easily bleed by the waves. Shipwrecks mean the running aground of a ship on the reef. While, playgrounds mean a place  where surfers don’t want to enter danger zones. Apart from water activities, visitors can also walk around the beach to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere or sunbath or have massages. These activities are relaxing. When you come home from your visit in the beach, you will have a fresh mind and body.You will be ready to do your activities again. 

          There are many hotels around Nusa Lembongan Beach. The hotels include Lembongan Bay Shore huts, for about Rp1,045,069 (US$100.00) or Indiana Kenanga Luxury Villas Spa & Restaurant, for about Rp1.639.972 (US$160.00). For a more friendly budget, you can stay in Tamarind Beach Bungalows, for about Rp337.624 (US$33.00) or Hai Tide Huts for about Rp964.918 (US95.00). The hotels offer comfort to all of the visitors. You can stay in the comfortable hotels together with your family or friends. The hotels offer complete menu, ranging from local to international menu.
          If you want to visit an exotic beach, Nusa Lembongan can be a good choice. You can enjoy the calm beach. It is not too crowded, so you will be able to feel the peacful nuance when you are in the beach. Nusa Lembongan Beach is worth visiting.
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