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Ora Beach – Visiting One of Hidden Treasure in Maluku

Ora Beach is one of beaches in Indonesia that resemble to beaches in Maldives. The natural beauty and resort will spoil all visitors because you will be accompanied by spectacular panorama. Romantic nuance in this place is so perfect for newlywed, and that is why Ora become one of popular spot in Maluku. 
When you arrive in this beach, you will be welcomed by calm water, very quiet and peace. With the fresh air, you can take a breath freely and let your lung getting something clean. Ora Beach offers you natural beauty, indeed. Everyone will adore this place because you can spend your holiday and relax your mind peacefully.
Ora Beach is situated in Northern Seram Island. Precisely, the beach is located at Saleman Village, North Seram, Central Maluku, Maluku Province, Indonesia. The access to the beach is quite difficult. You have to take a flight by Perintis Plane at Wahai Airport in Seram Island. Then, you continue your trip by crossing the island from Tulehu Port in Central Maluku Regency to Amahay Port in Masohi City, Seram Island by riding speedboat Cantika Express, which is takes 2 hours. Usually, the speedboat departs at 09.00 or 10.00. 
From Masohi City, you will have to continue your trip for 85 km by riding a car for 4 hours. After you will have arrived at Saleman Village at the tip of Sulaeman Peninsula, you can hire a boat to Ora Beach for 20 minutes. Then, after you take a long journey, you will arrive at Ora Beach, a beach with calm water and beautiful panorama. Once you are there, your tiredness will be gone suddenly. Fresh air, blue water, calm wave of water, and an exotic view can be seen in front of you.

Ora Beach has a resort, and this is the only one place you can stay overnight. Ora Beach Resort has many cottages, which is made by wood and looks so simple, but strong. Unfortunately, the room is limited, and that is why you have to reserve it first before you come. The owner does this to unite the nature, and combine clear water, stilt houses and amazing view. The good thing of the resort is that you feel like standing above water. At night, you can hear the wave of water continuously. As you wake up in the morning, and open the door, clear water is there outside. Besides that, you can stay overnight at Pondok Wisata Lisar Bahari in Sawai Village, North Seram district, Center Maluku. You can reach it through sea transportation from Saleman, or from Trans Seram Street. 

Because it is a remote place, you will not get any signal of your mobile phone or television. That is why you will be like isolated when you come to Ora Beach. As mentioned above, Ora Beach has incredible scenery. Jumping and snorkeling into the water will give you chance to witness beautiful underwater. Coral reefs and colorful fishes will accompany you. After you satisfied snorkeling around the resort, you can continue your adventure by visiting Salawai River to see the process of sago processing, or just to see variety of local birds around Sulaiman Peninsula. If you lucky, you will be able to see thousand of Lusiala birds fly out from the cave. Usually, they can be seen around 18.30 p.m. local time.
Natural landscape of Ora Beach becomes more popular, day by day. It is kind of chance for local and foreign tourists to enjoy one of beautiful beaches in Indonesia. You will enjoy the hidden treasure in Maluku. Snorkeling, bird-watching, and clear water are things you can enjoy when you visit Ora Beach. The busiest time of the resort is from December – January, and June – August. Although the location of the beach is very remote, but it is worth to visit Ora Beach.
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