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Pef Island, An Incredible Private Island in Raja Ampat

Pef Island is an exclusive private island. It is developed under Swiss management, and now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Raja Ampat. The island is so beautiful. The landscape comprises mountains and beaches. The mountains are covered by lush jungle that when you see from far away, you’ll feel like seeing green carpet covering the island. 
The beaches are also spectacular. The fine and white sand add the panoramic beauty of the beaches. You can also find coconut palms, pristine blue water mangroves, blue lagoons, hidden lakes, ancient rock art, various flora and fauna, coral reefs in its underwater and many more spreading around the island. The island has complete panoramic view.

Pef Island is situated in the north of Dampier Strait. It is about 48 km south of the equator and 109 km from Sorong. The island is quite remote in Raja Ampat, West Papua, but it is one of the most popular islands. The popularity of the island derives from its various species and the beautiful panorama. Once you have arrived at the island, you’ll find amazing diversity of habitats along with their species. The habitats and the various species are mostly found in its underwater. When you dive or snorkel, you’ll find colorful hard and soft corals living beautifully. You can also find sea grass, and various fauna like seahorses, dolphins, wobbegong sharks and many more. Visiting this island will thrill your adrenalin, and you’ll be amazed by its beauty.

Pef Island triggers its visitor to do various nature activities. It allows you to be closer to nature. The activities you can do here are varied, ranging from kayaking around the bays, snorkeling, swimming, photography, bird-watching, trekking and exploring. Also, you can climb the mountains around the island. Looking at the entire island from above the mountain will leave them with the most incredible moment they have. You will also have a chance to go around the island to observe the diverse flora and fauna. There are many rental boat offering tours packages around the island. You can take pictures when you do these activities. With such a beautiful background, they will be the most incredible pictures you have. 

When you visit the island, you can stay in Raja4Divers. The resort has an excellent service combining with nature, comfort and the best quality. The resort was built with authentic Papuan culture, and thus, the nuance of local culture is quite prominent. The resort consists of bungalows which are so spacious that you will feel comfortably when staying there. The area of the resort is about 128 km2. It has complete facilities, including open air private garden bathroom, large deck and WiFi broadband internet. Hence, when staying in Raja4Divers, you will not only be able to do nature activities but also relax your mind. You can simply lying on the open air verandah while reading or browsing the Internet.
The island offers you the most incredible experience that you will never forget in your life. Pef Island is worth to be included in your travel plan.
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