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Siladen Island, One of the Most Beautiful Islands in Bunaken Marine Park Site, North Sulawesi

Siladen Island is one of the islands in the region of Bunaken Marine Park. It lies right next to Bunaken Island. The island is blessed with beautiful panoramic beauty of both the marine and the nature. When you visit the island, you can enjoy white sand beaches stretching around the island. The beaches can be a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. You can feel the breeze of the sea wind in the beach. 
The island is also rich of biodiversity. You can find various creatures in the sea, such as butterfly fish, groupers, sting rays and spotted eagle rays. The island has steep wall diving so that divers enable to see the most extreme creatures like sharks. Diving in the island will give you the best adventure that you may not find in any other places.
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          As previously mentioned, Siladen Island is situated next to Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Precisely, the island lies in the northern side of Bunaken Island. The total area of this island is about 31.25 hectares. To reach the island, you have two alternatives route. Firstly, you can use public transportation of boats. The boats only serve passenger once a day. The trip f the boats are from Manado, departing at around 1 p.m to 3 p.m (depending on the tides). When you decide to visit Siladen, you must prepare yourself to stay in this island. The boats travel back to Manado at around 7 a.m.  You must pay for Rp25,000 – 50,000 ($2.50 – Rp5.00) per person per trip. 

          The most popular activity to do in Siladen Island is diving and snorkeling.  The sea condition allows visitors to dive and snorkel freely. Visitors can enjoy the most beautiful scenery in its underwater. Especially, the swift currents on Siladen are constant, making it suitable for divers. The currents support sponges and giant coral trees to live beautifully. The most amazing diving spot in Siladen is the North Siladen dive site. The site is located behind the island. The current in this diving spot is moderate to strong, and therefore it is suitable for professional divers. This diving spot is the best place to enjoy various species of fish, such as emperor angelfish, see turtles, reef white tip sharks and snappers.

          There are hotels and resorts you can choose to stay when visiting Siladen Island. For instance, Onong Resort and Siladen Resort & Spa. Onong Resort has 7 individual cottages equipped with air conditioner and electrical power. The menu is various consisting local menu and international one. While Siladen Resort & Spa are designed for keen divers and non-diving visitor. It has 5 individual beaches view with 10 garden view villas. It also has a traditional spa, large salt water pool and in-house diving centre. The diving centre offers various types of courses.
          Visiting Siladen will give you the most exciting experience. You can have a great adventure by exploring the diving site, or you can just simply relax on its beautiful beach. Siladen Island is one of the best islands in the group of Bunaken Marine Park.
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