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Siloinak Island, the Most Wanted Island in Mentawai

When you hear about Siloinak Island, it must remind you of the news about the sale of the island. Siloinak is one of the islands in Mentawai, other than Makaroni and Kandui. Its island was offered to be sold on the Internet. The sale of the three islands are advertised on with the title “Islands for sale in Indonesia”. When reading the news, it is quite shocking. 
The price of the islands are US$1.6 million dollar for Siloinak, US$4.00 million for Makaroni and US$8.00 million for Kandui. The advertisement even displays the photos and the maps of the islands. The sale of the islands creates controversy among the people of Indonesia. Most of them objurgate the bad deed. However, the news about the sale of the islands has also triggered the curiosity of those who never heard of the islands. 
Siloinak Island is situated in Malilimok Hamlet, Kuturai Village, North West Siberut District, Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The total area of the island is only 8 hectares. When visiting the island, you will understand why the islands were advertised to be sold and there were many people who were interested in purchasing the islands. That’s because the island is so beautiful. The beaches, the forests, the villages and the culture, all are fascinating. However, when the government investigated about the truth of the sale, the issue was not true. The management of the resort in Siloinak confirmed that it was not true that the island had been sold to a foreign party.

          When visiting Siloinak Island, you will find many exciting activities that you can do. The most popular activity is surfing. The sea in this island offers perfect waves for surfers. When you want to surf, there will be a guide who leads you in the surfing activity. All guides are professional since they were born and grew up in this island. Surfing for them is like their daily habit. They have surfed even since their early age. The guide knows where the best surfing spots are, as well as the tide and the winds condition. Hence, together with the guide, you will get the most exciting experience that you will never forget in your life.

          You can stay in Siloinak Island Resort when you want to spend the night in the island. This resort provides you with the best quality accommodations. The room service is satisfying and comfortable. The resort was built entirely of tropical wood with the ancestral Mentawai designs. The resort also lies in a perfect location, i.e. near the beach. Hence, when you stay in this resort, you will hear the sound of the waves and feel the breeze of the sea wind. They all are comforting and relaxing. Thus, it’s not only the surfing activity that will make you feel exciting, but also the comforting resort. It’s all relaxing as well. 
          Siloinak Island may not be a popular island, but its panoramic beauty is so attractive. It’s just a matter of time that the island will be as popular as other islands in Indonesia.
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