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Surga Beach, An Amazing Remote Beach in Lombok

Surga Beach has a stunning panorama. The beach, which means Heaven Beach, has many potential to be developed into one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Lombok. The beach has natural beauty, and it is rich of biodiversity. It has various species of fish, seaweed and corals. More important, the beach produces the most precious souvenir, i.e. pearls. 
The pearls by local people have been made into beautiful jewelries, such as rings, ear rings, bracelets and necklaces. The seaweed and the pearls have made the economy of the people around the beach wealthier. Apart from its economic potential, the beach has an interesting topography. The sloping topography along with the coastal ecosystems has impressed many tourists visiting this beach.
Surga Beach lies next to many beaches, such as Ekas and Kuta, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. The beach is only about half an hour from Ekas Beach and 2 hours from Kuta Beach. Precisely, the beach is situated in the southern part of Lombok Island. It takes about 4 hours driving from Mataram. Although it is quite far from the main city of Mataram, the beach is worth visiting. The blue water of the beach and the white sand has made it one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok. The beach has many offers for visitors. Complete facilities of hotels and villas, surfing points and unique cultures have made the beach potential for tourism. The government should develop the beach further into the best tourist destinations. 

          In Surga Beach, you can do any activity you like. For surfing lovers, the beach is a perfect place to do your hobby. The beach has calm but powerful waves. It is suitable both for amateur and professional surfers. Surfing in this beach will give you the greatest experience. After tired of surfing, you can take a rest in the hill surrounding the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful beach from the hill. You can take a rest until the sun sets. The sunset is the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. Other than surfing, you can swim or fish in the beach. Or you can shop souvenirs made of pearl in the shops near the beach.

          When visiting Surga Beach, you can stay in Laut Surga Hotel. The hotel lies right next to the beach. You may wonder how this remote beach can have such a wonderful hotel. The hotel is built on the hill surrounding the beach. Hence, you can see the panorama of the beach from the hotel. Although the hotel and the beach lie in the most southern part of Lombok Island, the hotel has complete facilities, like star hotels. The hotel provides terrace in each room of the hotel to rest and relax with its comfortable lounge chairs. It also provides living rooms and private bathrooms. Moreover, the hotel offers surfing equipment rental for surfers.
          If you want to relax and refresh your mind, the beach is the right place for you. It is far from crowded and busy city like Mataram. Thus, the beach is has pure and clean air. Surga Beach is a perfect place to spend your holiday.
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