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Tanjung Bira Beach, An Amazing Tourist Destinations in South Sulawesi

Tanjung Bira Beach is one of popular beaches is South Sulawesi. The beach has stunning panorama. The white sand and the crystal clear of the calm sea water makes everyone who visits the beach feel peaceful and comfortable. The beauty of the beach is supported by its biodiversity. The beach has beautiful coral reefs and a wide range of fish and sea creatures. Tanjung Bira is also accessible. Visitors don’t have to work hard to reach the beach. The location is not too remote, and the roads have been built adequately to provide visitors easy access. 
          Tanjung Bira Beach is located about 40 km from Bulukumba Town. It is about 200 km from Makassar. It takes about 3 to 3.5 hours driving from Makassar to Bulukumba. You can go to Bulukumba by public transportation, such as Innova, Panther or Kijang cars for about Rp35,000 (US$3.60). Then, you can continue the journey to Tanjung Bira by car for Rp8,000 to Ro10,000 (about US$1.00). Otherwise, you can rent a car for about Rp500,000 (US52.00) per day. When you have arrived at Tanjung Bira, you need to pay for the admission cost about Rp5,000 (US$0.50). You can enjoy the beauty and feel the breeze of the sea water once you enter the area of the beach.    

          There are many things you can do in Tanjung Bira Beach. The beach is rich of nature and culture, and therefore you can do various things in the beach. You can visit the phinisi dock yards at Tana Beru when visiting the beach. The pristine white sand and the clear calm waters provide visitors a good spot for swimming or playing around. You can just play in the beach or lay your body in this beautiful tropical beach. As previously mentioned, the beach is rich if biodiversity. You can dive or snorkel to enjoy the beautiful underwater life. The underwater is like a paradise, and it is home of coral reefs and all other creatures. Diving and snorkeling in this beautiful beach give you an unforgettable sensation. You will have a fun and exciting experience diving and snorkeling in this beach.   

          You have many options of hotels and resorts to stay when you visit Tanjung Bira Beach. You can select a various rate of hotel, ranging from backpacker’s lodges to the most modern hotels and resorts. Among the hotels you can select include Salasa Guesthouse, Tanjung Bira Inn, Pasir Putih Bira Inn, Kalubimbi Cottage, Ala Din Homestay, Riswan Bungalows, Nusa Bira Indah Cottage and many more. Tanjung Bira is one of the most popular beaches in South Sulawesi. The government has developed the area of the beach into one of the most tourist destinations in South Sulawesi. Hence, you can find complete facilities around the area of the beach. 
          When visiting South Sulawesi, don’t miss this beautiful beach in your travel plan. You will have great experience and challenging adventure when you visit Tanjung Bira Beach with your friends and family.
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