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Tomia Island, One of the Most Beautiful and Unique Islands in South East Sulawesi

Tomia Island is one of the main islands in Wakatobi. The island has its own unique characteristic. The people and the traditional way of life have made the island unique and attractive. In general, the people of Tomia is divided into three Kawati (tribes), i.e. Kawati Tongano, Kawati Timo and Kawati Waha. Kawati is a custom existing since ancient times. Each Kawati has its own traditional culture and custom. Each Kawati also has its own village with clear custom boundaries. The people of each Kawati use different languages, hence it is easy to guess where someone is from which Kawati. With the different cultures and languages of each Kawati, the island is so popular for its uniqueness, as well as its beauty. 
          Tomia Island is located in Wakatobi Regency, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. The island lies in the South of Kaledupa Island and in the North of Binongko Island. To reach the island, it takes about 4 hours by boat from Wanci or Wangi Wangi. Wangi Wangi is the capital city of Wakatobi. The capital city can be reached by boat from Bau Bau. Along the journey to the island, you will see a group of islands in Wakatobi. The islands are green making them look so peaceful and refreshing. You can also see “floating” villages of the Bajo, a tribe of Wakatobi. The life of this unique tribe can be seen clearly from the boat you ride in.  

          The main activity you can do in the island is none other than marine activities. You can snorkel or dive around the island. Tomia Island is popular for its beautiful underwater life. The underwater life allows the island to have about 50 diving spots. All of these 50 diving spots have underwater visibility of more than 30 meters. The crystal clear of the waters have made species and creatures living in the sea of Tomia can be seen very clearly. You can enjoy beautiful creatures like Pygmy Seahorse and various species of fish. Tomia also has beautiful white sand beaches. You can play in the beaches and enjoy the beautiful sunset. In addition, you can visit water caves, three fortress of Buton Sultanate.  

          You can stay in Wakatobi Dive Resort when visiting Tomia Island. The dive resort was established in 1990s by a Switzerland. The resort has complete facilities, including an airport (Maranggo Airport) to serve guests who want to come in and out of Tomia. The resort is managed professionally and is private. The rate for one night is quite expensive, and therefore travelers who want to save budget better do not select the resort to stay. Travelers can stay in the local people’s house with a lower rate. Although the lodges provided by the local people are much cheaper, they are comfortable enough to sleep.
          Tomia Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Wakatobi. You should not miss the island from your travel plan when you have a journey to Wakatobi Islands with your friends and family.
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