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Wakatobi Dive Resort, A Resort with the Most Complete Biodiversity in South East Sulawesi

Wakatobi Dive Resort gives you an opportunity to dive in the most beautiful underwater in the world. The underwater life of Wakatobi is comparable to Hawaii or Caribbean. Divers are spoiled with various fantastic species of fish and coral reefs. The colorful fish and coral reefs can give divers the best experience of adventure. In Wakatobi, you can dive from the depth of only 20 m from the dive center. 
Wakatobi resort lies in a quite remote area, but it offers comfort and service at the level of world class resort. The resort is managed professionally after the foundation by a Switzerland. The resort is designed with traditional and modern method, as well as eco tourism principles.  
          Wakatobi Dive Resort is also known as Tukang Besi (blacksmith) Island. It lies in a string of small islands off the Southwest tip of Sulawesi, South East Sulawesi Indonesia. It is situated in Banda Sea, which is regarded as the center of marine biodiversity in the world. The resort is in a remote area, and therefore it takes hard work to reach the resort.  Visitors need to charter private flight. The flight is scheduled on predetermined times. 
Usually, visitors are offered to charter the flight with a dive package of 7, 10, 11 or 14 days. Before you charter the flight, you need to get to Makasar first. From Makassar to Wakatobi with the charter flight takes about two hours. During your flight with the charter flight, you better prepare your camera. You will see the most fantastic scenery of the marine from high above. This will be the best adventure you will have all your life.

          Most visitors who come to Wakatobi Dive Resort must want to enjoy marine activities. Wakatobi is popular for its beautiful biodiversity, no wonder that visitors have prepared themselves to do marine activities. Visitors can mostly dive or snorkel in the resort. Luckily, the resort has complete facilities to support the marine activities. Wakatobi provides equipment rental for snorkeling and diving. A guide is also available for amateur divers. The resort offers rental equipment at a very modest rental price. You can rent vests with hoods, tailored wetsuits, BCDs, beenies, regulators with octopus, snorkel gear and so on. Also, the resort has boutique offering hoods and vests so that you can layer your dive gear. This is especially to avoid you from getting cold after several times of diving activities. 

          Wakatobi Dive Resort has four levels of accommodations. They are Villas, Select Beach Bungalows, Standard Beach Bungalows and Garden Bungalows. All of these levels of accommodations are surely spacious and comfortable. The beds are varied from king to twin beds. Each accommodation has balcony with lounge chairs to relax or rest after tired of doing marine activities. The dishes menus are also delicious. There are local and international menu to select. The service is also satisfying.
          With such great of accommodations along with the service, Wakatobi has become the most favorite resort to visit. Wakatobi Dive Resort should be your main destinations when visiting South East Sulawesi.
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