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Wavepark Mentawai Surf Resort, The Best Tourist Attraction in Mentawai

Wavepark Mentawai Surf  Resort was opened in 1998. Since the resort opens for guest, the business runs well. The resort is so exclusive that everyone who stays in the resort feels satisfied with the service. The resort is built using the local style design. The roofs are made of palm and the floors are woods. It got the license from the government to operate the resort until 2023. 
This is one of the resorts in Indonesia with such a long period of license. The license from the government proves that the resort has potentials to be developed as the best tourist destination in Mentawai Islands. Over the years, the resort has developed well, and now it is one of the best tourist attractions in Mentawai.
          Wavepark Mentawai Surf  Resort is situated in North Mentawai. To reach the resort, you can go from Padang. It is better for you to take a Wavepark’s package. The package includes the trip the resort from Padang. The transportation from Padang is by speedboat. The bungalows of the resort are next to the beach, it is only about 20 m. Meanwhile, the hideaways of the resort can be reached within 5 minutes walking up the jungle track near the bungalows. You can then paddle out around the reed within 5 minutes. However, if the hideaway is not breaking, you can use speedboat as the means of transportation at all times. Thus, it is not difficult to reach the resort. 

          When visiting Wavepark Mentawai Surf Resort, you will have various activities to do. The most popular activities include surfing and fishing. Surfing in this resort will be fun and exciting. The main factors that makes your surfing activities fun is the surf breaks. There are various surf breaks you can try, i.e. pit stops, burger-world, hideaways, bank vaults, E-bay and rifles. These various surf breaks support your surfing activities and they challenge you to do your best. Another activity you can do is fishing. The resort provides you the best equipment and infrastructure to do the activity. The roads, reels and lines around the resort are perfectly built. However, you will be fussy taking your equipment to the fishing area. Hence, the best way is to use the speedboat for hand line fishing or trawling for the big ones. Both of the activities will give you an unforgettable memory.

          The Wavepark Mentawai Surf Resort consists of bungalows which are design to hold up to 4 persons. The bungalows are also available for two persons only, upon request. The bungalows are completed with indoor and outdoor bathrooms. The vanity in the bathrooms is made of double marble, making the bathrooms look elegant. The bathroom also has shower with cold and hot water, while the toilet is designed with western style. You can also enjoy the surrounding scenery by sitting down in the twin reclining chaise lounge chairs. This is a relaxing activity after tired of doing your activities all day long.
          When visiting Mentawai, never miss this beautiful resort. Wavepark Mentawai Surf  Resort will give you an unforgettable memory.
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