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Dofior Island, One of the Smallest Beautiful Island in Sorong

Dofior Island is one of the small beautiful islands surrounding Sorong. The island is so small that it is very stunning and looks virgin. There are only a few visitors in this island, making it look so peaceful and calming. The island lies between Sorong city and Doom island. 
You can find a well known landmark in this island, i.e. the welcome monument of Sorong City. There is a beautiful statue of porpoise above the monument. The island has no inhabitants because of its small size. The island is made of stones and some trees grow luxuriantly. Although the island has minimum facility, some tourists visit the island. They want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this island.   
          Dofior Island is situated between Doom Island and the city of Sorong. The distance of the island to Sorong is not too far. It takes only about 10 to fifteen minutes to the island. Administratively, the island lies in Sorong Islands District, Sorong City, West Papua. To reach the island, you can simply go to the port of Sorong. From this port, you can see the island clearly. Then, you can go by boat to the island. You can also rent a speed boat. It is only about Rp100,000 (US$10.00) per day. Renting a speed boat will be beneficial since you can go around the island. You can enjoy the beauty of the entire island. You can also feel the fresh air around the island.     

          You can do various things in Dofior Island. Most tourist who come to this island must want to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful sea around the island. They want to feel the breeze of the fresh air around the island. Visitors must also want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the island. Apart from sightseeing around the island, visitors can also do water activities like swimming or diving. Swimming in this island is so refreshing since the ocean has clear and clean water. It is also safe to since the water is free of pollutant. Diving will give you unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the beauty of underwater life of the sea. You can see colorful reef and various species of fish. Moreover, you can play with porpoise in the port. The porpoise sometimes emerge to the surface and greet tourists. This is an incredible view.   

          You can spend the night in Dofior Island. This is because the island has no inhabitants, so there is no lodge as well. The only thing you can do to spend the night in the island is to set a tent. However, it is better for you to spend the night in Sorong as it is much safer. There are many hotels and lodges in Sorong you can choose to stay. Among the best hotels are Hotel Sahid Mariat, Hotel JE Meridien Sorong, Hotel Grand Pacific and Hotel Royal Mamberamo.
          Dofior Island does not have many things to offer to visitors. However, its beauty and calm atmosphere make the island one of the best tourist destination in Sorong that is worth visiting.
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