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Kanawa Island, A Wonderful Small Island in Lombok

Kanawa Island is one small islands in Lombok. The island is so stunning with natural atmosphere. The island offers you a great adventure if you visit it. The beauty of the island is considered a hidden gem by local people. The island is located near Komodo National  Park, a famous park in Indonesia and around the world. The island has an interesting panorama and is rich of biodiversity. 
The island has untouched coral reefs and various fish, including mantas and sharks. Turtles and other sea creatures are also found in the island. Hence, when you visit the island, you will have many things to do, such as diving and snorkeling to learn further about its biodiversity.  
          Kanawa Island lies near Poto Tano Port in West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. You can reach the port from Kayangan Port of East Lombok toward West Sumbawa. From Poto Tano, you can go by boat from to the island. You only need about 15 minutes to reach the island. The island is just 6 miles from Labuan Bojo, the area of Komodo National Park. The total area of the island is 32 hectares. When you arrive at this island, you will see beautiful beaches and natural reefs surrounding the island. The island is a perfect site to do various things. You will have a great adventure when you decide to have a holiday in this island.  

          When you come to Kanawa Island, you can you can do many things. You can do water activities, such as snorkeling or diving in the beach. You can explore the biodiversity of the underwater life. You can enjoy the colorful coral reefs and various fish. You can even bring a camera to take pictures of those species. This will be your most wonderful experience. Apart from water activities, you can also do an adventure in this island. You can explore the entire island and learn more about the island. The atmosphere, the local people and the nature will be interesting objects to explore. You can also go to Komodo National Park, which is not too far from the island. In the park, you can learn further about komodo, a typical large lizard the occupant of the park.  

          Kanawa Island has adequate facilities, including lodges. Visitors of this island can stay in one of the lodges. However, you can set a tent and spend the night in the tent. You can bring your own equipment or rent the camping equipments. For those who love nature activities, spending the night in the tent will be fun and exciting. You can have a campfire at night with your friends or family. The important is you must find the right place to set the tent. Hiring a guide will be a good choice. He or she will guide you during your visit in this island. Visiting this island will leave you an unforgettable memory.  
          Kanawa Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Lombok. You should not miss the island, and include it in your destination plan when you visit Lombok Island.
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