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Kandui Resort Surfing Mentawai Islands, the Best Surfing Spot Worth Going

Kandui Resort Surfing Mentawai Islands is a resort built especially for those who love surfing. When surfers are tired of having surfed in this best surfing spot, they can take a rest in this beautiful resort. Kandui Resort lies in Kandui Island. The resort was opened on June 1, 2012. Kandui Resort has villas which are designed with eco-friendly design. The villas consist of bungalows, also called uma. 
The bungalows were built using the best quality local hardwoods. The uma was designed by combining traditional craftsmanship of Mentawai and modern day luxury and amenities. Each uma has a hand carved theme, which is inspired by natural surroundings. The hand carved theme adds the aesthetic value to the bungalows.
          To reach Kandui Resort Surfing Mentawai Islands, it takes a lot of efforts. This is because the trip to the resort involves various means of transportation, i.e. planes, cars and boats. You may never imagine that you should travel far distance just to reach this trip. As previously mentioned, Kandui Resort lies in Katurei Village, Karamajat Island. The island is quite remote, but it is one of the best islands in Mentawai Archipelago. However, the far and remote distance of the resort is worth going. Once you have arrived at the island, you will feel that all your efforts are worth doing. If you want to visit the resort, you only need to contact the travel information of Kandui Resort. The travel information will explain to you how you can go to the resort. You only need to make a reservation, plan your trip and travel to Kandui. Then you can finally have fun at Kandui Resort. 

          Mentawai Islands are popular as one of the best surfing spots in the world. Hence, when you come to Kandui Resort Surfing Mentawai Islands, surfing surely will be your main purpose. The island where Kandui lies has great waves throughout the year. However, the best season to surf is during the dry season, precisely in late March to early November. At this season, the southern hemisphere is winter, while the Indian Ocean is active and produces perfect waves. Waves in Kandui Resort are various, mostly 4 Bobs. 4 Bobs is a great wave for all surfers, either amateur or professional ones. The wave can get a bit shallow when the tide is low, so you need to be careful.

          When you visit Kandui Resort Surfing Mentawai Islands, you will stay in one of the uma provided by the resort. The uma is so spacious and comfortable. Hence, when you tired of surfing all day long, you can then take a rest in a convenience place. The uma is cooled down by portable and ceiling fans as well as air conditioner. Also, the uma has a wireless connection and small speaker to play your music. The uma is also completed with various facilities that support your convenience.
          Plan your trip to Mentawai carefully. Don’t forget to include the beautiful Kandui Resort Surfing Mentawai Islands in your travel plan.  
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